(Late!) Feature Friday and GIVEAWAY WINNER!!

Well, I suppose I owe you an apology – I worked so hard Thursday and Friday in the sewing room that I didn’t even blog! That’s not like me, is it? I just got so carried away crafting that I worked straight through from 8am to 6pm and didn’t have any energy left over. Oops. But I have gotten A LOT of stuff done, which I’ll brag about next week. ;)

The first feature is from my friend Melissa over at Love Affair With My Brother. She linked up an adorable, awesome tutorial for this pillowcase:

Alyssa from Sweet Sewn Stitches is offering up some really cool FREE subway printables:

And have you ever considered making your own wooden buttons? Bonnie from BonBonanza tells how:

And now the moment you’ve all scrolled straight down to see:

The Winner is: Carrie from http://craftymomsshare.blogspot.com/ who also left her email address so I’ll be trying to get in touch with her today. Congrats and Thank You to everyone who left comments! (Don’t worry, I’m working on another giveaway soon!)

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4 Responses to (Late!) Feature Friday and GIVEAWAY WINNER!!

  1. Carrie says:

    Wow! You just made my day and after the week we have had I needed a good pick-me-up. Thank you!!

  2. Alyssa says:

    Thank you SO much for the feature! And for hosting a fabulous party!!

  3. Lisa L. says:

    Love the Whirlygig Pillow case! Congrats Carrie! :)

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