Feature Friday

Ok, some really weird stuff is going on with my website at the moment, so I’m only going to do a quick Feature post to see if things work (and then see if they continue to work over the weekend). I’ve spent 3 hours staring at this stupid computer screen and I’m near breaking point. One minute Google claims someone’s gotten in to my site, the next it claims everything’s hunky dory. I can see I’ll be needing more programming knowledge!

Anyway, I wanted to share Beth’s quick tutorial for a Log Cabin block. I like this block because it’s not that complex and it gives you much potential for creativity in fabrics and orientation:

I am really hoping I can get some sewing in today! I love your block, Beth! Well done!

Have a wonderful, happy weekend. Even if it’s raining. :)

Declare Your Questionable Taste To Your Friends:

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4 Responses to Feature Friday

  1. teresa g says:

    Jenna – Thanks for posting this. I wouldn’t have known about The Quilt Ladies blog without it. I absolutely love log cabin blocks!

  2. Claire Jain says:

    I hope the blog stuff is OK!

  3. Elizabeth E. says:

    I checked into it, and apparently for us WordPress bloggers, it had something to do with a conflict with AdBlocker? I switched over to a different browser platform for a couple of days (Safari, where I don’t have Adblocker on), cleared my cache (WP cache, too) and it seemed to work. Of course, if you don’t have adblocker, I don’t what’s going on!

  4. Ellyn says:

    woohoo you’re back! love that block

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