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Mother’s Day Quilt and a Bit of Randomness

Wednesday again? Already? It feels like this past week has flown by! If you still haven’t left a link on the Manic Monday Linky Party, you can do so now!
I keep seeing Mother’s Day stuff all over the blogosphere, which always makes me feel guilty.  I live in the UK, and Mothering Sunday is NOT the same date as in the US.  So what I’ve always done is buy and post a card for my mother when they’re available here.  Pathetic, I know.
But this year, I’m hoping to do better! I got her quilt posted out a couple of weeks ago, and although I don’t actually know whether she got it yet, I don’t think she’ll see this post. So I thought I’d share it!
It’s the Snapdragon Quilt from the Two from One Jelly Roll Quilts Book I have.  I used the Martinique line from Moda, and if you’re in the UK and want to make one small jelly roll quilt without buying all 40 strips, I totally recommend Fabrics Plus!

For the backing I just used one kind of floral fabric as the quilt ended up being about 40″ wide, I just had to use one length and no joins! I love small quilts!

And, to keep the generational theme going, I’ve got a cute picture of Savi being totally reckless and fearless:

Yes, that really is my kid perched on the side of the swing as it goes up and down.  Buzz quickly got a picture of it, then we went over to tell her to get the hell off of there!

© J C Excell, 2011

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