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Like a Test Post, Only Weirder

So. Long time no see, eh? I’m sorry about that. We moved, and also I have been having ups and downs in the realm of depression. It’s awesome. But pottering around my new house is cool, and feeding the birds makes me happy, and I haven’t managed to kill any of my orchids yet, so I guess things are looking up.

Seriously, though, things haven’t been all bad! The wonderful editor of Sewing World magazine, Julie Briggs, has ever so graciously put my quilt on the cover of this month’s issue!

My cover!

So, this quilt was a ‘brain project’. I couldn’t really mock it up on EQ7, so I just did the maths and made it. I don’t recommend that for every quilt, but it seems to have worked this time.


I have been teaching though, and it’s quietly keeping me sane. This term we did a sampler quilt to learn different techniques. Some of the blocks I actually finished, some of them I stuck in a drawer. So here’s my sampler:


And I’m off to the Fat Quarterly Retreat this weekend! I’m a little nervous because *people* and *different things* and I’m crap at social stuff, but the sewing sounds fun and I kinda need a mini-holiday. So maybe I’ll see some of you in a few days? :)

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