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Features & Bonus Boob Story ;)

Can you believe the week’s almost over? I hope you have more exciting plans than we do – cleaning up the back garden and packing. I can hardly wait. Oh hey, did you want to join PLAY, my new mini quilt competiton? Details here.

Ok, so I promised you a boob story. A couple years into puberty, my boobs grew to be ginormous. I hated them, always. I got teased, and plus they made me look fatter even at times when I really wasn’t. I always wanted to get a breast reduction, but it’s not like they’re free, are they?

Anyway, I knew they were big, but one day I went to Bradbeers (the local dept store) and got professionally fitted for a bra. Unlike most services that measure you in the bra you’re wearing (which just tells you the cup size of the bra, not whether you fit in it or not), the Bradbeers lady knew what she was doing, and I walked out of there horrified that I was a 36F. An F, people. No one wants to be an F. F stands for Fail. So I went to the GP, who sent me to the surgeon, who warned me I might get scars. Who cares? They’d be smaller! Just the chiropractor bills alone testified to the damage they were doing. So I got on the list and eventually got a date.

Back then Savi was about 4, and in the bath one night, I attempted to prepare her for Mummy’s surgery, that I’d be in hospital, that I’d be sore, blah blah blah.

Me: Honey, I’m going to go into hospital for a couple of days because I’m having surgery. The doctor is going to make my boobs smaller.

Savi (clearly scandalised): Doctors can’t do that! No one can!

Me: Yes, they can. They make it so I’m asleep and can’t feel it, then they do an operation and make my boobs smaller.

Savi: No. That’s not possible.

We went back and forth for a while, me trying to convince her it was possible, Savi adamant that I was clearly shrooming. Finally:

Me: Fine, Savannah. They can’t do it, you’re right. Whatever.

Savi (as I stand up to get out of the tub): Maybe they can do something about your butt, too.

Isn’t she sweet?

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