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Giveaway Update, Wristlet Tutorial, Feature & Face Peel (!)

First, have you checked out PLAY? It’s a mini quilt competition based on any card from a deck of cards – there are some AWESOME prizes and your chances of winning are fab – check it all out here.

Yesterday, I posted a Welcome Giveaway for my newest sponsor, Sanourra’s Fabric Love (which I spelled wrong yesterday because I’m a hopeless idiot.). If you haven’t signed up for it, go do so now as you could win a free Moda Puttin on the Ritz jelly roll!

Sanourras Fabric Love 
I’m also posting a guest tutorial at FairyFace Designs {Sew} Get Started series for this wristlet:

This week’s most popular link was from Swedish Scrapper about her lovely Loulouthi scarf (which is really quite gorgeous):

And I think I mentioned (but can’t remember when) that I was going to do a TCA (Trichloracetic Acid) peel on my face. I’ve had some questions about it, and since I’ve had such good results with it I’ve decided it’s not fair to keep it to myself, as one of you may be suffering the same problem as me.

You see, for a few years I battled HORRIBLE adult acne. Like HUGE, cystic acne that would bleed if I touched it. All over my face. One Thanksgiving I flew to America to see my family and my Nana asked me if I’d had an accident as I looked so bruised. That was WITH pancake makeup – yes, pancake makeup like they use on telly. I’ve been on RoAccutane twice. I’ve been on countless other regimes and medications too, but only RoAccutane fixed it. It got so bad I wouldn’t leave the house. Adult acne isn’t just unpleasant, it’s downright shaming.

After the first round of RoAccutane, I had awful scarring all over my face. I found a shop on ebay selling TCA Peel kits and I bought one. I think it was a 24% concentration. When I had a free week, I did the peel. It literally felt like someone had set my face on fire. My face crusted up like a pizza and I peeled, peeled, peeled. BUT I had lovely skin afterwards that was nearly scar free.

Image Courtesy of MUAC

Then the acne returned. I went on antibiotics but it didn’t really help, so I had another round of RoAccutane. And another face full of scars. At 36, I’m not quite as daring with my face as I was when I was 29, so this time I played it safe. I bought an 8% kit from MUAC, and my mum shipped it over to me. I bought the smallest bottle ($16.00), spent the extra money for the neutraliser ($12.75) and made the mistake of buying the ($5) fan brush (which is useless). So for $33.75 plus shipping, I got enough TCA to do about 4-5 peels. If I had a dermatologist do them, that would cost me around £1000/$1500. So yeah, it’s a good deal.

MUAC do all kinds of peels – TCA is considered a ‘medium depth’ peel, but you can do surface peels too – lactic acid and glycolic acid. And they recommend you use a glycolic acid product in the run-up to your peel to make it more productive, so I did that too. If you’re curious about the success rate, I recommend looking at their testimonial blog – the before and after pics are amazing. Personally, I have nothing but good things to say about MUAC, and I think the prices are more than fair.

I also recommend you do plenty of research before buying. I’m on my 2nd peel right now. I did the first one 2 1/2 weeks ago and the 2nd one last night. I had Mike take some ‘before’ pictures, and I promise I’ll post them along with my ‘after’ pictures when I’m done. I can already see that last night’s peel has really improved the scars I had left, but I may bump it up to a higher concentration when I’ve got time off.

I bet you want to know how much it hurt, right? Well, the 24% was horrible. The 8% was a piece of CAKE! The only thing I ever felt was a bit of warmth, not even enough to call it ‘burning’. PLUS, I reapplied after 5 mins on my ‘bad spots’ and left it on for another 5 mins – you get a 25% boost doing that. And my peeling looks like I had a bit of a sunburn, and usually moisturiser covers that up if I need to go out. I do recommend Neosporin for the first 48 hours, but I only have to use a teeny tiny amount, so my face just looks a bit shiny. No one looked at me funny in the committee meeting or the store today. Well, not any more than usual.

So I promise I’ll post before and after pics. Meanwhile, enjoy the links!

P.S. Because the Google Overlords want to force the entire planet into using their crappy social application, my Google Friend Connect has been cancelled. But you can still get me in your Google Reader (or any other reader) by clicking on the Feedburner (RSS) link below. :)

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