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Sew. Happy. Quilt. Quilt Along: QuatraStar Foundation Pieced Block Tutorial

We’re trying something a little different for this tutorial. Because it’s a bit more complicated, Mr. Geek and I shot a video over the weekend. I really must thank him for being so patient, holding up that heavy camera through take after take where I messed up my lines or sounded like the village idiot. Well, to be honest, I sound like the village idiot anyway and there’s not much anyone can do about it. So please be gentle on me.

Below you’ll find a link to a pdf of a 6″ finished foundation pattern designed by Carol Doak and found in her book 300 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks, which is an excellent book and I truly recommend it. It comes with a CD which enables you to print the patterns any size you want – no photocopying or any of that rubbish. Just straight down to business.

Regarding Foundation/Paper Piecing: I am a total convert to foundation piecing over paper piecing. You can get away with smaller seam allowances, you don’t have to use a tiny stitch length which makes it impossible to unpick should you get it wrong, and it doesn’t add much bulk. You don’t have to pull the stupid paper away at the end only to find it pulls your stitches too. 1/2 metre/yard of thin calico will cost you around 3 dollars or pounds and goes a long way. So I really recommend using the method shown below:

You’ll need the pattern, masking tape, calico or very thin white cotton fabric (about a 8″ish square piece will do), and a pencil and ruler. I know it shows a heart above, but you get the idea. Tape your paper down at the corners. Tape your calico on top of it, and using a ruler, draw the lines.

If you want, you can draw the 1/4″ seam allowance lines, or just trim it down to 6.5″ square at the end. Trace and sew 4 pieces. Or if you’re more comfortable with paper, use that.

If you want to link to this page, that’s fine. But please don’t link directly to the pdf – link to THIS page and people can follow the link to the pdf. That way I get an idea of how popular it is, which enables me to provide more free stuff in the future. So it benefits you to play politely. And I’ll know if you’re cheating.

Print the pdf WITHOUT BORDERS and check it’s 6″ square.

Here’s the PDF: SewHappyQuilt_QuatraStar_6inches

and here’s a larger version if your computer won’t print the pdf above any larger than 5.75″ SewHappyQuilt pattern

and here’s the video tutorial which, if you are new to foundation piecing, you should watch in its entirety before starting to cut fabrics or sew:

Or you can go to YouTube and see it there.

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