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Alive In Kilgore

Warning, this post has almost nothing to do with sewing. Granted, there’s a little sewing, but mostly it’s about my first impressions of Kilgore, Tx.

There is a teeny amount of sewing related stuff, though. I gave my niece a little dolly I’d made (rather badly, if you want the truth), but I’m pretty sure she likes it:

I guess my niece likes the dolly I made her!

Also, I’m writing this on my iPad so there’s no fancy formatting because it’s a huge pain in the ass.

Anyway, Texas is the highest oil producing state in the Union, and they’re pretty serious about it. So serious that they had no hesitation turning the downtown area into oil rig heaven. In fact, I’m sitting in the world’s richest acre as we speak. (well, we’re not literally speaking, but you know what I mean.)


In fact, when they discovered oil was sitting under the downtown buildings, they simply razed them to the ground to get at the oil:


Yes, they really knocked down the hospital to get at the oil. I guess there was enough money generated to pay for more buildings and still come out ahead. There’s a whole park dedicated to it, which is really quite a lovely little place. I took a picture of this old and presumably defunct drilling pump, which I can only assume is in danger of being stolen at any minute due to the fact that it’s behind a locked fence:


In all fairness, I can’t blame them for locking it up because I would totally steal it for a kick ass lawn ornament for my parents’ huge garden, which is like 15 acres. Btw, my dad drove me around their land this morning in a golf cart. Have you ever been off roading in a golf cart? Well, I have and it’s totally doable.

But the down side to living in the boonies is that the wifi is rubbish and the limit is, well, extremely limited. So I’m blogging from the coffee shop because they’re awesome and offer free wifi. Here’s a pic of the big wall:

Kilgore coffee shop

In England, we have the monarchy to be proud of. (and personally I think the monarchy is awesome, so no haters, please.) But Texas is different (like, duh, Jen.) and they’re pretty proud of their ability to generate money from under the ground. Which I totally wish I could figure out how to do back in England under my back garden.

I promise to take some pics of the house and environs. If you’re American you won’t be at all surprised by the, uh, compound. If you’re in the UK, you won’t believe me. But I swear it’ll all be true.


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