quilt in progress, Woe Is Me Wednesday

Woe Is Me Wednesday

I’m not sure what my problem is today. I woke up feeling, well…sad. 
Background: at 5:30pm yesterday, we had literally just gotten home when she goes: ‘I need marshmallows tomorrow for food tech.’  (Not entirely her fault – she had been given the recipe yesterday. Do other schools do this? It’s really irritating.)
Now, I don’t know what your house/pantry is like, but mine is small. Which means I don’t stock things I rarely use, like marshmallows and Rice Krispies, on a regular basis. I think I’ve bought marshmallows once in the last 5 years. 
So back out and up to the shop we go. There was a weird guy parked outside our house, just sitting in his car for half an hour or so. Ick.
Then Savi forgot her food tech ingredients this morning so we had to turn around when we were almost to school – I bet the other people on the roundabout when I did my Batman U-turn were wondering what the hell my problem was. Good thing I don’t have an American flag on the car.
Now I’m home. And still sad. 
I think I’m feeling guilty. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how Savi and I are liabilities to Buzz. Not assets, in the strict accounting sense. 
But then, I’m trying to build something here – my goal is to sell quilt patterns. Or web pages. They’re almost the same, right? I’m not the most original designer in the world, but I think I’m ok. 
All that building takes time. My skills need to be better, too. There’s still loads to learn.
That’s what I’m telling myself. 
Sigh. I’ll get out of it soon. Maybe I’ll drink that magical restorative elixir I’ve got hidden in the fridge. (Helloooo, Diet Coke!)
Making me sad: This quilt—

Oh, patterned fabric – how you do seduce me, then like Medea, savage my end product through poor choices.
This is a Rail Fence quilt from the Lintott’s Two from One Jelly Roll Quilts book. Awesome book.
For the two sashings, I bought patterned yardage (It’s all Martinique Moda fabric). Thought it would look super cool.
Now I both love and loathe this quilt.
I love it because FOR THE FIRST FREAKIN TIME, almost everything lines up. I think I’ve finally sussed out my 1/4″ foot.
I hate it because it looks like schizophrenic throw-up. Too busy. Too loud. Should’ve gone for the plains when I bought the sashing fabric.
I refuse to waste the whole day with the seam ripper, so I’ll just quilt it.

Maybe some brain damaged lunatic will offer to buy it. (mmm, doubt it.)
Hey, maybe you’re in the market for a baby quilt? (she says, hopefully…)
Nah, I guess I’ll probably keep it and gift it. (After admiring the perfect seams for a year or so.)
For now, though, it’s the albatross around my neck, while Savi and I continue to be the albatross around Buzz’z neck. Poor guy, it’s a wonder he can stand up at all.
What are you all working on? Do you hate it as much as I hate mine?

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10 thoughts on “Woe Is Me Wednesday

  1. Quilt looks fine!!! It will look good in someone's house! We all have down day's that is quite normal and nothing to be ashamed of. A partnership is not about making an equal financial contribution. Its about the ying and the yang. I am sure there are lots of things you do that Buzz does not, I am guessing he does not work all day then come home and do all of the cooking and cleaning!
    I think the cookery bit with Savi, every parent has done that at least a dozen times! I have always had a well stocked pantry, but there have always been the times when we were going to school via the shop to pick up whatever the missing ingredient is! Hope you perk up, go outside and enjoy some of this delicious sunshine! even if its for 5 minutes, it will make you feel 10 times better.

  2. We all have those days when we're waaaay too hard on ourselves. The quilt looks great….it just may not be your style. Hope you feel better soon…….:)

  3. Hope you've grab a diet coke and are feeling better, always works for me! the quilt looks great but I know what you mean about hating it, I get like that if something is taking longer to make than I thought 🙁 Hope you feel better with the sun shining 🙂

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. I have had quilts like that also Jenna, but somehow after they are quilted they take on a different look all together. Just take a deep breath, go ahead and finish it and I am sure the good "quilt fairies" will do their magical work and the quilt will be beautiful .

  5. we have all had those quilts that don't turn out how we pictured them in our heads — but don't give up! The seam ripper is your friend! if you don't like it then change it until you do, it's all part of the process! thanks for sharing your hiccup, I hope the diet coke helps!

  6. That quilt looks great to me. I also have projects I'm no longer in love with, but I know I would regret it more if I didn't finish them off as monuments to my learning process! Chin up – you might even like again it once its finished!

    And if Diet Coke is your only vice then goodness help the rest of us! 🙂

  7. I pulled out a "quilt top" that I had pieced in 1981/82. It had 16 Precious Moments figures cross-stitched on it and I had chosen the most ugly fabric to go between the blocks. Sunday I looked at it again after many years and wondered why I thought it was so hidious. That piece is next on the project list to finish. Beautiful is what it will be and a true treasure. If it is sunny at your special spot go outside; listen to the birds sing. Be calm and breathe.

  8. I think the top looks wonderful, vibrant, and alive. I'm sure it will be very much loved when it's finished. I have several things I'm working on that I now absolutely hate, most hated though is a dress that I've been stalling on. I love the pattern, I love the fabric, I love how they look combined, but I hate even looking at the stupid thing. It's shoved at the very bottom of my "I'll work on it eventually" box. But I know that it will haunt me until I finish it… then who knows, maybe I'll like it (but probably not)
    I'm sorry you feel like you're such a drag to your partner, I know that I also feel that way about my poor DH sometimes, but remember, he CHOSE to be with you two. He chose you, because you add something that was missing to his life. As down as you feel right now, remember that.
    … Oh, and *hug* I hope you feel better soon 🙂

  9. I really like the quilt and I think you will like it more when it's quilted. The quilting changes everything. You can also try washing it after it's quilted – I've done that with a few quilts I was iffy about and then really liked them. How can you resist a soft, cuddly quilt with such beautiful fabrics? One more idea is to put it away for a while. Most of my quilts, I'm pretty sick of once they're down to the borders. If you don't look at them for a month or 2 they look brand new!

  10. Everything always looks better after a day or 2. Chin up. I finally gave away 2 quilts I wasn't in love with through my quilt guild and they are going to Japan- where some people have nothing and are happy to have something, anything. So, off they went. You WILL find find out what that quilt was meant for- perhaps even if it was just to try your patience. I'm enjoying the mug rug swap. Spoke to my partner (email) a few times already. Once all those pretty pictures are posted you'll feel better. And things will come together, even if it did mean an extra trip to the store for marshmallows.

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