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Manic Monday Linky Party! (And Do You Want To Learn To Knit?)

How was your weekend? I got a tiny bit of knitting done – I’ve started this fingerless gloves pattern. I got a lot of sewing done, and I’ll be basting my quilt today after class. I did some bee blocks, and I’m hoping to get to my new Reuse-a-bag pattern from Kat over at Studio Kat Designs – she has some SUPER cool handbag patterns!Β And I also bought this Doll pattern on etsy and have traced everything out on freezer paper, ready to cut! Yay!

Hey, speaking of knitting, do you knit? I really love knitting – as you can tell from my Ravelry page! I’d like to start sharing more of my knitting, and I know some of you must be knitters! And if you don’t knit, would you like to learn how? If I sourced an inexpensive Learn To Knit kit with lots of video tutorials to help you through a simple knitted project, would you be interested in buying it and letting me teach you? I promise if you learn to knit, you’ll never be bored again!!!

Linky Party Rules:

  • You can link anything you’ve created – an etsy shop, blog or tutorial, whatever.
  • You can leave up to 2 links
  • Please visit at least one other link and comment!
  • I’ll be featuring a few on the blog on Feature Friday
  • You are welcome to add my party button to your blog, but you don’t have to!

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13 thoughts on “Manic Monday Linky Party! (And Do You Want To Learn To Knit?)

  1. I used to knit as a teen, staying up all night making a sweater in 24 hours. I just don’t have the time or patience for it anymore. I get so much pleasure and satisfaction from quilting these days, it’s definitely my happy place. πŸ˜€

    Kudos to those who have the time and patience to knit!

  2. I haven’t knitted for years, mainly due to lack of time. It’s something I’m hoping to take up again in the future. Thanks for hosting Manic Monday…

  3. I’ve never tried knitting, but my MIL, who now lives with us, has boxes of yarn. Apparently, she used to crochet, and I would love to find something to do with it to get it out of the house.

  4. I always wanted to learn to crochet and finally did learn. Loved it. Crocheted day and night for about a year. Then my fingers and hands said enough. Hope to pick it up again. One day.

  5. Am now following you on networked blogs and Google connect. There is also a Linky tools for followers which I am using now and would love to have you also sign up with my Linky friends. like you say, the GFC is going away. Best wishes, Linda

  6. I’m re-learning how to knit, and I really like something that’s easy to pick up whenever I want.
    I’m excited to share my link to the I Spy quilt I made with blocks from the 3×6 bee; your block is in there! And I’m happy to share the modified quilt-as-you-go technique I used that made it so much easier to work on a bulky quilt.

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