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If You Have Been Burned By All Craft Media

BTW, I’m not a lawyer. I’m just here to try to help a bit.

I’m getting a lot of emails from contributors, especially in the States, wondering how they go about dealing with the mess of All Craft Media/Modern Quilting Magazine going into bankruptcy and being handled by an Administrator.

Here’s what you do if you want to chase down the money owed you:

There’s a Form6-37 (1) Word Document that you have to fill out in order to be listed as a creditor in the dissolution/administration process. Please note that you will almost certainly be overlooked in the procedure unless you file this form – Kerrie Allman has done this before and very few or none of the contributors to whom she owed money were listed by her on the liquidation report of KAL Media. Please also note that filing the form will not automatically mean you’ll get paid. I’m sorry to say so, but I don’t think any of us will ever see any money from ACM. The business is deeply in debt and operated at a loss, possibly even from the start.

The Administration company is FRP Advisory and the Administrator handling ACM is Alistair Massey, who from what I’ve been told is a decent, reasonable guy so don’t be afraid to ring him to discuss your situation.

Tel: +44 (0)20 3005 4000 and Fax: +44 (0)20 3005 4400

Address: 10 Furnival Street, London

Or, as Mulene has graciously shared below,

Katy Lever
Trident House
42-48 Vicotria St,
St Albans AL1 3HZ
Tel 01727 811111

If you just want your copyright and distribution rights back (like me):

All you have to do is get in touch with Alistair Massey/Katy Lever and ask him/her if he’s/she’s willing to do a deal with you. In exchange for not pursuing any moneys owed to you by ACM/Kerrie Allman, you may be able to get your sole distribution rights back, instead of waiting the contracted 3 or 6 months or whatever your contract states. Which means you can sell your pattern on the internet and try to recoup some of the money you’ll never see from All Craft Media.

Personally I am choosing to pursue this course for a number of reasons:

  • I’ll never see my money – it’s not a large amount and frankly I can live without it. There are other people whose entire livelihoods have been thrown into jeopardy by Kerrie’s dodgy business practices who need their money WAY more than I do.
  • I do not want to hear about my pattern showing up in an American magazine without my knowledge or my 50% cut – she’s done that before, too and even though all contracts are now controlled by the Admin, not Kerrie, I want to be 100% sure.
  • Frankly, I want to wash my hands of ACM and all the pain it’s associated with in my mind and heart, which means I need to make sure I get ALL my copyright rights back into my hands.

If you are looking to get your sample back: Um, I’m sorry to say it, but you’re probably screwed there too. They lied to people when they were still in business, claiming they’d sent packages on dates that the postmark clearly showed as untrue. Many of the samples hung around Kerrie’s house. No one person was ever in charge of dealing with them, so no one did. So, yeah, you probably should just let her reap the bad karma they all represent and forget about it forever.

Edited to say: And if you are Kerrie reading this, I hope you can find a career that fulfils you. One that successfully helps you find whatever it is that you’re looking for, and doesn’t end up being controversial.


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24 thoughts on “If You Have Been Burned By All Craft Media

  1. Grrr! – Jenna, do you know for sure whether it is Bankruptcy/Administration or liquidation. I believe KAL Media was in a Voluntary Arrangement which is different to either of these, but I assume has defaulted on this and the Arrangement has now failed.

    I have the email addresses of all the subscribers for Issue 1- they mistakenly forgot to Bcc us. I may contact Alistair after the Bank Holiday.

    1. Hiya
      Yes they have officially gone into Administration. KAL media went into liquidation in June 2011. They switched name to ACM and have, as of Friday 4 May 2012 gone into Administration.

      The administrator details are:

      Katy Lever
      Trident House
      42-48 Vicotria St,
      St Albans AL1 3HZ
      Tel 01727 811111

  2. Thank you for your info!
    I am not used to deal with British law and I would not have known how to find that info.
    I want my copyright and distribution right back and hope this will work out fine thanks to you.

  3. If you crafter/quilters where not such egomaniacs you wouldn’t show your stuff on the internet and have to worry about someone coping something that you copied from someone else yourself. I went to a quilt show and over heard women going on and on about copy-write laws. What a joke, you can’t and don’t register all these patterns and photos, because it would be to expensive and second most is not considered copy-write worthy. Your just a bunch of desperate women with an expensive hobby try to justify spend massive amounts of money on junk to make something that you think is special and unique so it well look like you have a business/career with these blog. Until you are honest with yourselves nobody will ever take you serious.

    1. Hello Mary! Gosh I am nearly overwhelmed at being visited by such a superstar! However, I must gently point out that copyright exists without being registered. In fact, any photo, any written pattern is copyrighted without any need to any more than claim that’s it’s copyrighted. That is, of course, only true if it’s an original work. For example, if I sit down and design a quilt or bag, then I make it, carefully document the process with photos (which are copyrighted immediately too), designs I HAVE GENERATED MYSELF by computer (which are also copyrighted by me), and then I write it up, it’s Voila! a copyrighted pattern. And it’s mine, copyrighted by me and any misuse is punishable by law in any country. Please see the Berne Convention for international copyright information:
      And if that’s too long to wade through, here’s it straight from the UK Intellectual Property Office – COPYRIGHT IS AUTOMATIC:
      It’s certainly true that there is often nothing new in the craft world, but there are definitely clever uses of ideas, and anything you design and write a pattern for is copyrighted by you (unless you give up those rights, which I don’t.)
      I’m very sorry you’re so bitter and twisted about quilting that you can’t look up this information for yourself, but must go on others’ websites, railing against phantom injustices and are also too chicken shit to give a real email address (unless you actually are the subscription department of the Daily Mail? Which would be really weird.) and a real name.
      When I have an opinion, I own up to it. I sign my real name when I comment, whether I think other people will like it or not. I do not hide behind fictitious film characters from the last century, and I provide my real email address. But generally speaking, I don’t go on someone’s website, which they pay for and work very, very hard on to provide lots of FREE TUTORIALS for everyone to use, and complain about random horseshit.
      Oh, and this reply? It’s copyrighted, because I wrote it. If you don’t like that, take it up with the United Nations. You can fly there with your umbrella, right?

    2. Dear Mary Poppins

      You are not practically perfect in every way. Sadly you fail at the basics of the English language. The word is “Copyright” not “Copy-Write” which is something completely different.

      You also don’t seem to be able to grasp the difference between “your” and “you’re”

      In addition, might I point out how bitter, sad and jealous you sound? Maybe you don’t have massive amounts of money to spend on a hobby so instead you make your hobby being a master at being bitter and twisted, posting comments on blogs.

    3. Dear “Mary Poppins”

      Given your antipathy towards crafters, why are you here? Don’t tell me. You’re a closet seamstress, perhaps? If you’re not, reading a sewing blog and commenting on it seems to be a curious way to pass the time.

    4. *were* not such egomaniacs – line 1
      *copying* something – line 2
      *overheard* women – line 3
      *copyright* laws) – also line 3)
      *too* expensive – line 4
      line 5 – “second most”; did I miss what was “first most”?
      *copyright* worthy – line 5
      “You’re” just a bunch of desperate women [it’s short for ‘you are’, dear] (‘your’ is the possessive – as in “I used to have a magazine or few”) – also line 5; oh dear
      “trying to justify spending” [tenses, dear] – line 6
      “will look like” – line 7
      “these blogs OR this blog” (not these blog) – line 8
      “seriously” (not serious) – line 9

      I do hope that you were writing this on your time off. Also, dear, please read what you’ve typed before you press ‘send’.

  4. Well Mary Poppins needs to take a spoonful of sugar!
    Thank you for the info about the copyright. I shall look into that as I WILL have my copyright back because my work was never paid for so they did not actually buy anything. At the very least all I did was unwittingly “Donated” it.
    Any of the projects used are not theirs to re-sell and if our ideas are such rubbish as “Mary Poppins” seems to think then we shall be ok…won’t we? Copies of the magazines were sold and people unpaid thereore KAL Media have breeched their own contract by not paying within the 30days stated. I have posted all of my projects on my blog so if they turn up elsewhere I think it will be spotted. I shall also be watching the calender very closely.

    Well written post. This topic could rumble on for ages.

  5. You admit to being a total idiot. I feel sorry for your husband. He should put socks on your hands and tape them behind your back so you can never type again. I looked at your projects on your blog, you should be embarrassed to admit you made them. I have seen better work by 10 year old girls in 3rd world countries. To compare your loss of a few pennies, to doctor’s malpractice suit is insane. You say your bipolar, I think you are tri-polar, that is, you will try anything to get attention. If it is such a big deal why don’t you drive over to the office and get your projects. By the way you can forget about ever getting another magazine to publish you after they read your blog. And that goes double for all your mealy-mouthed bloggers that praise you immature behavior.

    1. Uhhh, I think you missed the point of the reference to professional bodies who can investigate malpractice. Good God, I don’t feel that hard done by, I feel for the printers, the unpaid staff, the people who paid their hard earned money for a subscription they’ll never get.
      And btw, ‘popinfresh’, you know that this is a wordpress system, right? And I own the website, so I have server access too? So…lots of stuff gets recorded when someone leaves a comment…and if enough ‘pops’ up, I have no problem with turning that over to the proper authorities and filing harrasment charges.
      Also, I don’t think you read the ETA lower down the blog. I got my project back and announced it. And I actually don’t want to be paid, in exchange for my 100% exclusive copyrights back. I think there are other people who are in worse circumstances than I am, and any money should go to them.
      Look, I’m going to try to be nice here, but please consider this your warning. I’ll be nice. Twice. Third time gets reported.

  6. Oh hello “Popinfresh” I see you still haven’t mastered the art of the English language. Go get a dictionary and look up “your” then look up “you’re”

    Oh and my diagnosis of you, is that you are batshit crazy, jealous and an idiot. Now scoot along now, you don’t like talented people and the feeling is mutual: talented people don’t like you much either. I sure feel sorry for your husband, all that acid and bile you spew I’m surprised he hasn’t turned to liquid after being burned by you. Wait what on earth do I mean, you couldn’t possibly have a husband, no one would look twice at such a sour faced twerp as you.

    1. It’s fascinating how many of the trolls who’ve commented on blogs and on Ravelry have the same problems with spelling and grammar. One could almost think they were the same person.

  7. Someones Mother must be very proud of them……don’t you think ? Mary Poppins /popinfresh?
    What sad excuses for humanity.

  8. I need a moment to catch my breath from laughing so hard. Mary Poppins and Popinfresh (connection? I think so….), it woud be a lot easier to take your trolling seriously if you could actually spell and use grammar correctly. Instead, you just look like an idiot. That’s not that much of a stretch, because you ARE an idiot. Did you really find it a valuable use of time to write a completely uneducated, ignorant, and blatantly troll-like comment? Obviously you thought so, since your mother didn’t teach you to keep your mouth shut if you can’t say anything nice. Good for you for spending your time being stupid, mean, and hurtful. Here’s a cookie, now go away and troll somewhere else. Moron.

  9. Wow! Someone’s certainly got a lot of time on their hands. Strange how all this trolling happens after you blog about Kerrie Allman and ACM. Rather like Ravelry’s Phantom Disagreer. Or maybe Kerrie’s told the nanny she’s out of a job because of all those Mean Girls telling lies again?

  10. Oh dear oh dear, that’s given me a good chuckle! If the spewer of what I think is supposed to be vitriol were only able to realise just how much amusement is afforded to other readers by his or her semi-literate rantings, they would be most discomfited. However, it is clear that they aren’t able to do any such thing. Or very much else that makes sense, either.

  11. Mary Poppins / Popinfresh thank you for the biggest laugh I have ever had! Talk about bitter, twisted and ignorant, you take the biscuit and probably a lot besides from all accounts .

    Go on be brave and actually post something with your proper name to it.

  12. I’m so sorry this has happened to so many talented crafters, as well as the subscribers and employees of that company. I can’t imagine that the owner went into this venture with the plan of everything exploding, and I do feel sorry for her too. Hopefully everything can be resolved, and people (like Julianna referenced above) can at least get their projects back.

    Also, I was so shocked by the hateful comments left by Mary Poppins/popinfresh. I’ve never seen a mean comment like this on a blog post–what terrible things to say! But I was even more surprised by the response she got. So many people stooped to her level and left such condescending and personally insulting replies. Sometimes the best thing is just to say, “Hey–your hate and meanness is not OK,” and leave it at that.

    1. Good point. Mary/Popinfresh, I appreciate you coming by, but I don’t appreciate the hate and meanness of your comments. And we don’t even have to be mean back to get the point through that we won’t tolerate being told we’re idiots. We’re clearly not idiots, we’re sane, literate people who demand that people to treat us with humanity and dignity. That includes everyone.

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