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Sorry About My 3 Year Absence…

Uh…Yeah. The last time I posted was nearly 3 years ago. If you want to get into the details of a relative stranger’s life, read on. If not, no hard feelings and I’ll be back later this week with a handbag pattern review and mods for my quilted version of Swoon’s Belle Baby Bag:

So. 3 years ago we moved house. Then, not long after, I got diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. It affects my hands, but by far the worst has been my right hip. The first GP I saw kept giving me NSAIDs and pain meds, which is fine but obviously didn’t actually fix it. Then around the same time I decided (for no real reason. No idea what I was thinking.) that I needed to get a full time ‘real job’. So I did. Between working full time for Solent Mind, a mental health charity that works with the NHS, and dealing with aggressive arthritic pain, I basically just existed. Barely. I had no energy, mental or physical, left over to do more than teach sewing 1 day a week and work. I was miserable. I started waking up in pain throughout the night. All thoughts of having an actual life slowly ended. Every weekend was spent recovering so I could go back to work the next week.

Finally, in desperation, I saw a different GP. She was immediately suspicious as to why a 40 year old woman was becoming more and more disabled. Work was great and got me an amazing chair and a stand up/sit down desk, but I was taking SOOO much pain medicine. She made me have an RH factor blood test and when that came back negative, she insisted I see an orthopedic surgeon. At the same time I went to physio, where the physio dude said he thought I had a condition called ‘femoroacetabular impingement’, or hip impingement. It’s what you have when you are headed toward a hip replacement due to osteoarthritis damage (basically). If it isn’t too advanced, it can sometimes be fixed.

So, in March of 2016, I had arthroscopic FAI surgery. There were loads of labral tears to be stitched, and tons of bone that had to be carefully filed away both on my femural head, neck, and hip socket. I had an astonishing level of damage. My surgeon Tony Andrade (Reading, UK) has been amazing. He knows EVERYTHING about hips.

Meanwhile, I was given a promotion at work. I’m now the Data Officer – for an older Aspie lady like me, toodling around on MySQL systems and actually helping a mental health service get better and have better quality data is a *perfect* job. I love my job so much. I am so fortunate to work with the people there, and my supervisor is amazing. They are all so lovely:

Getting over that surgery was long and grueling. Then, around Christmas 2016, the pain changed. It wasn’t ‘Oh wow all that bone work sure is sore’ type of pain anymore. It was ‘OH MY GOD please not again this is horrible’ pain. This time I had a better idea what to do, so instead of taking 16 months to get diagnosed and operated on, it took about 7 months.

Yeah. I had surgery AGAIN. Less than a month ago. I had to have almost my entire labrum replaced. (N.B. Please consider being a tissue & organ donor – that donated tissue has changed my life completely) My hip bone had grown tiny, angry fingers directly into the labrum. So at least that explains the pain! Also there was another tear in the front.

So, that’s what I have been up to. Data, pain, and a little bit of sewing. But I feel more hopeful this time around. I’m still hurting, and this hasn’t been fun, but I am in less pain than I was before my surgery. And I managed to get this done:

It’s the Charlotte City Tote pattern from Swoon. We are very much a Star Wars family, and when I saw this fabric at Frumble, I had to buy it. Well, I’ve been waffling on long enough. Hoping all is well with you, and you are stitching away happily. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Sorry About My 3 Year Absence…

  1. missed you. I got a new knee during that same time frame and am gearing up for knee replacement #2. None of this is for sissies. Glad you are feeling hopeful!

  2. Oh gosh. I am so sorry for your pain. Put your faith in God and you will come out of this stronger and better! I look forward to reading future post. You are a fighter, right?

  3. Ups and downs are the part of life. So sorry for your pain. welcome back to the blog land. Trust me writings is a great stress buster, just like diaries are. looking forward to read your posts.

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