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Long Time No See! (?)

Like, I guess we don’t technically *see* each other…but I have done some sewing, really! And my studio was featured in Sewing World Magazine! Sorry for the crappy pictures – I seem to have lost my camera’s memory card and I’m relying on my iPhone.





But I’ve been making other stuff! That Feminism quote is from etsy (MerchantHandicrafts), although I sewed a frame around it. The typewriter pillow is just a pillow (boring but made with sweet fabric from Plush Addict) but the weird zombie zig zag table runner is a pattern from Carolyn’s Creative Designs. It was a lot of fun to make! The London handbag is the Sunflower Satchel printed at (I think) 115% to make it a bit roomier. I think I’ve made about 4 of those now – I can cut one out and finish in a day’s sewing so they’re pretty satisfying.

If you have an online shop or blog or whatever, you should get Fiona’s book, Craft a Creative Business. There’s a website and everything! There really isn’t much I can add to Kerry’s review, or Susie’s review:
Omg @sewingdirectory look what came!!! It's absolutely gorgeous!!

Other stuff: Meh. Mood is difficult to control, depression isn’t much fun, blah blah. My dad got cancer and I seem to have dealt with it by having weird and terrifying nightmares. Seriously, I had a nightmare where Chris Christie was yelling at me while I was being arrested. But Doc is cancer free now so yay! (OMG it feels good just typing that.) He was a much better patient than I would be – I’d have gone all Archer and wept and called people ‘Salt of the Earth!!!!1!’. He wants to go watch Richard III get driven around in March. Will…will anyone else be there? I’d love to meet up! Shout out to me on Twitter @SewHappyGeek! Hope you’re all having a wonderful December. 🙂

Right, now I *really* should go cook dinner.

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