Q: Why the hell can’t I comment on a blog post?

A:  You can! That’s a quirk of wordpress. If you’re at the ‘index’ (www.sewhappygeek.co.uk/) page of the blog, it just shows you the latest posts, but for some reason doesn’t include comments. To comment, try clicking on the title of the post. That should whisk you to that post’s page, which should have a place to comment at the bottom. If it doesn’t, let me know! (jenna at sewhappygeek.co.uk)

Q: How did you end up living in the UK?

A: I met my husband in the same way everyone else does: we met online, in like 1999. (What? Not everyone does that?) We met face to face a couple of years later, and now I’m living happily here with the nicest guy in the world – seriously, he doesn’t even mind the fabric addiction!

Q: How long have you been sewing?

A: I’m rubbish at keeping track of these things, so I would guess it’s been at least a couple of years. My first sewing machine was a cheap Janome that I murdered through overuse. But now I have a Brother Innovis-50 and it sews like a dream!

Q: Would you be interested in featuring me?

A: Yes! My email address is jenna (at) sewhappygeek.co.uk and I’d love to hear from you!

Q: Would you be interested in having sponsors?

A: As long as it’s from a business I feel good about sharing with my followers, yes. Please contact me for rates, etc at jenna(at)sewhappygeek.co.uk.




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4 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi Jenna,
    Sorry I’m being a complete numpty here but not only don’t I know what the RSS symbol is but I can’t find any of your other posts!

  2. I guess I’m stupid…I wanted to leave a comment on your post from today about how Mary stole your tutorial, and I can’t find the “comment” button to leave a comment. Am I totally dumb, or what???


  3. Hi Jenna

    I am pleased I found your blog. Thank you for the tutorial about the mobile phone case as I have been looking for a pattern on how to make one for my phone and for a friend for her birthday. I am also an American living in the UK. I met my husband over the internet as well whilst I was living in Alaska. We got married in 1999 and I moved here with my daughter following a year later to attend university here. She lives here as well. My husband doesn’t mind my fabric addition either. Happy quilting!

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