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DUI sewing and ‘After’ Crockery pics + the Outlaws visit!

Hello all! Hope your weekend was brilliant! Ours was fantastic!
I’m pretty lazy when it comes to, well, just about anything… and that includes sewing. I bought this very nice fatface skirt at Age Concern in Romsey a few months ago (£7):

But I decided it was a bit plain, so at 10pm Friday night I decided to jazz it up with some Amy Butler fabric scraps I had in the drawer. Now, I wasn’t drunk – in fact, I was totally sober. But the stitching is so appalling that it looks like I was driving my sewing machine while intoxicated:

Here’s the back of one of the flowers…
Here’s the front.

I admit it, I am totally lazy, and I just couldn’t be bothered to make the stitching all neat and perfect, but I think it goes with the style of the skirt…

What do you think?

On Saturday I wore it on the family trek back to The Crockery in Eastleigh, where we picked up our first lot of stuff and painted a second. Even Buzz went with us, and I think he had a good time. And our first stuff is so cool:

This is my ‘sweets’ bowl after firing and glazing
Savi’s little dog figurine
No Name Figure the Non-Wonder Dog.

Then on Sunday we were visited by the Outlaws. They really are THE nicest people in the world, and it really unnerves me. They are so typically English, and I guess I’m still pretty typically American in some ways, that they make me really nervous, even after 10 years.  When my family gets together we’re really loud and there’s lots of good-natured arguing and lots of laughter, but Buzz’s parents are so…restrained…that I always feel loud, obnoxious and clumsy around them. Plus my parents are a generation younger than Buzz’s. And no, they’re not outlaws in any sense of the word, not even close, which is why it’s funny.

MotherOutlaw, Savi, Buzz and FatherOutlaw

Lastly, I have to mention Creating the Hive, which I joined last week. It’s a really supportive online crafting community with lots of enthusiastic artists and crafters, and I totally recommend it: Creating the Hive
I found Abi Monroe through the Hive, whose work you can see on her amazing blog.  Some of her dolls are so beautiful they’re heartbreaking!

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