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Life As Displayed on my Fridge

 Ok, can I just start off by saying that my fridge and freezer aren’t purposely covered in stuff? It just kinda happened… Every time someone sends me a great pic, or Savi wins some award or makes something cool, I put it on the fridge/freezer. I also love cheesy, crazy magnets, and I always buy one every time I go somewhere new.
The top pic has a newspaper advertisement that Savi did a few years ago in school that won some kind of contest – it’s for a local bank and it promises you’ll ‘Get money in your wallet’ and that you can ‘save money for collage’ which I think is a delightful thought. My collection of Family Guy magnets lives on the side of the fridge (xmas pressie), an NHS appointment letter, the rubbish/recycling list because I ALWAYS ask, ‘Can this be recycled?‘ and everyone ALWAYS goes ‘Look on the LIST!!!’ but I ask it anyway because I’m lazy. There’s a pic of one nephew and a monster colouring by another. Plus a bunch of SaviStuff.

This is the front view of the fridge and freezer. That Rorshach heart thing on the bottom right is a preschool Valentine – is that awesome or what?! The pink ribbon: I got that at Wal-mart and snuck it on to Buzz’s car when I got home. He wasn’t impressed and it only took him one day to find it. The awesome monster was a gift from my awesome nephew Mitch. There’s a health club exercise schedule up there, apparently just for laughs since we never go…  There’s also a portrait of Henry VIII, which I bet you don’t have on your fridge, do you? You NEED one! ($10 and I’ll sell you one, LOL) There are also a couple of pics of me in my skinnier days – am I the only one who does that? Pretends I’m still skinny hot by putting old evidence of it on my fridge? (the fridge is probably partially responsible for me not being skinny hot anymore?)
Here’s the deal: I live in a tiny house in the UK, so there’s not much room for displaying stuff, so a lot of it ends up on the fridge.  Do other people do this? I always check out people’s fridges when I go to their house, and most people have a couple of things but nowhere near as much as I do.  How do they decide whether it’s ‘fridge-worthy?’ Is my messy fridge/freezer evidence of a messy mind as well as house?

We just got this magnetic dry-erase board recently, and it has been the subject of many messages. Savi uses it to ask for stuff she thinks we’d say ‘no’ to if she asked in person (like new SpongeBob dvds), Buzz uses it as a reminder service and we all write on it if we’re feeling a bit bummed out, like my hanging mouse drawing suggests.
Seriously, does your fridge look like this too? I can’t be the only one, right?
With any luck, my next post will be modarachis (mod-ar-ah-cheez) aka breakfast tacos in tute form.

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