Apron Pattern Tutorial!

I know it looks like I’m obsessed with aprons, but I’m really not, I swear!! However, my sister Serena wants to make a full apron and I said I had a great, really easy pattern that I’d happily share. Then I decided it was easier to take pics and write a tutorial than to try to explain it over the phone.
So this is a tutorial for how to make the pattern, not the actual apron, although I’ve taken 3 pics of Savi modelling aprons I’ve already sewn using this pattern so you can see what it’ll look like in real life.  If anyone really wants a tute for sewing the apron, let me know and I’ll do one, but it’s pretty easy so I bet you can do it without my crappy help…

Here’s the pics of Savi wearing the aprons:

For the pattern, you’ll need:
A piece of paper at least 30 inches long by around 12 inches wide

Here’s a pic of the finished apron so you’ll know roughly what I’m describing:

It’s cut on the fold, so we’re actually making half of a pattern…

On your paper, draw a long line 30 inches tall.  Then, towards the bottom, draw 3 lines that are 10 inches wide.  Space them a few inches apart, to use as a guide. See pic to get what I mean:

Then, using the outside edges of those 10 inch lines, draw a line 20.5 inches tall from the bottom:

At the top of the 20.5” line, draw a small line in measuring 5/8”.  See pic:

From that line, draw a dotted line to the edge of the paper (you know, the edge you’ll be putting on the fold when you cut out your pattern).  Like the pic:

Using the end of that dotted line as your starting point, draw a line that’s 9 3/8” (or 23.5cm) toward the top of your paper.  At the top of that line, draw a line in from the edge that measures 4 ¾”.  The pic is blurry, but you can see what I mean, right?

From the outside edge of the small 4 ¾” line you just drew, draw a straight line to that little 5/8” mark you made earlier:

Almost done!! Now, make 2 marks on the bottom left corner, 14cm in from the corner, and draw a freehand curve. See pic:

OR, you could just use a junk cd to make a smaller curve, if that’s easier.

Cut it all out, and you’ve got a pattern!

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All rights reserved

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