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Yum, yum! Look what the nice post-lady brought! One of the quilt top fabric sets I’m getting for Xmas, which I had to open to make sure they were okay, right?! And they’re beautiful! Patchwork Corner was really quick – I ordered a couple of days ago!

Going to make a quilt for me and Buzz next year…i hope!

We got a new camera, a little Samsung SLR600.  It’s not the best camera ever, but I kinda broke the other one so we needed something to carry us over for a bit. So today, playing with my new camera, I took some pics of all the unfinished projects I’ve got hanging around.  Let me warn you: it’s shocking how many things I start and don’t finish. I’m not as bad as my mum, but I suspect I would be if I only had enough room. Here’s a shot of my messy studio (which I call a studio because it sounds cool, plus I kind of consider handmade stuff as ‘wearable art’):

Sorry about the mess.

Ok, here goes:

Backpack meant to be in etsy store…

clothing to decorate or hem…

supposed to be working on handbag tutorial for sister

half of a quilted pillow

other half of pillow, not quilted yet, plus gingham for ruffle

another handbag meant to be in etsy shop

binding strips for quilt, need to be sewn together…

Well, it looks like I have a long December ahead of me…lol! I might not finish ALL of them before starting something else, but I will try to finish as many as I can stand.
Seriously, I can’t possibly be the only crafter to do this?! Do any of you guys do this too? I got my hubby a t-shirt from thinkgeek.com that says ‘I never finish anyth’ but I suspect I should get it women’s Large, for me!

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