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Opinions, por favor?

Ok, so here’s the deal: way back when I was young, skinny and cute I was also really clever as well. I was working on a Masters-that-never-was and I was teaching composition.  I loved that job, and I kinda miss teaching.  So I’ve been thinking about how I could teach from home, and came up with doing handbag patterns.  I know, everyone does them, right?
But here’s how I’d be different: I’m thinking about writing a small ebook-type thing that discusses the basics of sewing handmade bags, along with a few tutorials describing how to make a patch pocket, a zippered pocket, add outside pockets and flaps, add an outside zippered pocket, etc. 
I’m thinking I’d list the pattern and brief tutorial on its own, then offer it for a few dollars more WITH the ebook ‘Handbag Basics’ – not very much more, just like $3.  I’m thinking I’ll create about 10 patterns (clutch, tote, crossbody bag, laptop sleeve, messenger bag, etc). I’d also like to do a few free blog tutorials for handbags/totes, etc. (Anything in particular you’d like to make/see?)
So this is the first handbag pattern I wrote and took pics of while I was making it.  It’s deliberately simple, like for a beginner.
What do you think? I don’t need another bag, so it’s in my etsy shop for $30 if anyone wants it.
 I really value your opinions, and I promise I’ll reply to all of them!
Now it’s time to go work on Savi’s quilt!


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2 thoughts on “Opinions, por favor?

  1. Cus, you have been very crafty and talented all your life! I firmly believe you should go for it! I would even check your tutorials out as I know a few ladies here in the stats that would absolutely love some of your beautiful crafts! Please, follow your heart and your dream, it is all worth it in the end! Love ya girl!

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