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Quilts on the brain!

Hey everyone,
Hope you are all well.  I know I’ve been pretty quiet, but I have actually been sewing! Just didn’t have enough time left over to blog. I’ve sewn two skirts this past week, using a New Look 6843 pattern that you can get here if you’re in the UK. I’ll do a proper review of the pattern later this week when I have pictures of the skirts. (I did learn a very irritating valuable lesson though – always pre-wash!)

The other WIP I’ve been working on is this: 

It’s the quilt I’m making for Savi – it’s called Meandering Path by Ellie of Craft Sew Create (she has lots of great tutorials and quilt patterns on her blog!) and you can get a free tutorial with printer friendly option here from Moda Bake Shop! It was really quick to piece together and it is a really cool looking quilt! So far I’m following what Ellie did, by stippling in the horizontal rows.  Since I’m totally self taught, I always wonder about other people’s stippling. How do they do it? There aren’t any instructions – it seems to be one of those things that’s so basic no one needs to explain it, and I’m too stubborn to leave it at that.
What does your stippling look like? How do you do it? Do you plan ahead? Mark? Just wing it?
Meanwhile, I’ve been dreaming of jelly rolls! I’m so tempted to buy a couple, I even found some on sale at hulu fabrics, but I know I’m getting Electric Quilt 7 for Valentine’s Day, so maybe I should wait until I design an actual quilt?

*total afterthought* – check out Puddleducks Quilts for some really good Moda stuff – they’ve got a 3 for 2 charm pack deal going! I just bought fabric to make this adorable quilt from Melissa from her lovely blog!  (free tutorials there, too!)

Ok, time to sew!

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2 thoughts on “Quilts on the brain!

  1. The quilt is gorgeous, I'm sure Savi will love it! I've never been brave enough to make a quilt, but I will have to have a go someday as there are so many lovely patterns and ideas! 🙂 x

  2. Hiya! Thanks for joining our A MAKE A MONTH 2011, I look forward to seeing you makes – mine are always very simple!

    Your quilt is gorgeous! love Annie x

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