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Brief Tutorial Thu – How to Publish Your Email Address W/OUT Getting Spam!

Ok, can I just go on a brief rant here?
And I know I can’t be the only one – We bloggers write our blogs for many reasons – we like recognition of our genius, we like sharing knowledge, we like making stuff/taking pictures/writing code, whatever. We like keeping track of our progress in this deeply confusing thing called life. Blogs allow us to satisfy many human desires, and we like it when people comment and ask questions. Because we’re also educators.

The easiest way people can get ahold of me (and you) is through our email address.  I don’t know about you, but the email address I use for my blog IS NOT my private email address – in fact, it’s technically not even my real name (Ha! figure that one out!). So I know, as soon as the spam starts flying into my inbox telling me I’ve won 750,000GBP in a Post Office Lottery that I’ve never heard of, I know where they got the email address.

Let’s be clear: I publish the address in a link – so you can either copy and paste or click. The reason for that is that I use gmail on my computer, and I HATE Microsoft, so I refuse to use the built in email that came with the computer. But if I click on someone’s ’email me’ link, what do you think opens up? Bloody Microsoft Shite!

There are two ways to deal with this: one is to do this: jennaexcell (at) gmail (dot) com, and that’s probably fine.

Or you can do this:

The actual script for this is:
<script type=”text/javascript”>
  document.write(‘youremailname@’ + ‘yourdomain.com’)

Now, the email address is embedded within javascript and it therefore indecipherable for email trolling. Warning for Blogspot Users: you have to add it in your ‘Edit HTML’ composer, and you won’t  see it in your Compose – the only way to make sure it’s there is to save and preview.
You can get fancier versions than that by googling ‘javascript email address’ but I like simplicity.

So there, scamming spammers. Now I’m going to go change the links in my other posts because I hate spam. Both kinds.

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