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Tutorial Tuesday: Can I Reply To Your Comments?

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Ok, I’m gonna sound like a siren here, but it really drives me crazy when I can’t reply to people who leave lovely comments. Their comments land safely in my email inbox, and then when I hit ‘reply’ to let them know I appreciate them, their address is: or whatever the hell it is.
It drives me crazy.
It is the BANE of my blogging life.
If you have left comments on my blog (and anyone else’s blogs too) and you have NEVER had a reply hit your email inbox, you are my audience today.
If you aren’t sure, follow the two steps anyway.

When you signed up for your Blogger account, there was an email option. The wording of that option sounds a bit scary: ‘Show my email address’ – doesn’t that sound awful? Where will it be showing? Who will be able to see it? I don’t want spam and rubbish in my email!
That’s not what it means. You don’t get spam from it. What that means is that when you leave a comment on another’s blog, they have the option to personally reply to said comment. I try to reply to EVERY comment. So does EVERYONE else.

So, the other day, I asked if 3 people wanted to review my new pattern which is in my etsy shop. Someone left a comment volunteering. That person was a no-reply blogger, had not left an email address in the comment, and when I followed their name to their profile, it was protected and only invited persons could look at it. How the heck can I send you guys free stuff if you don’t leave me a way to do it?
How the heck can I answer your sewing questions if you don’t let me?

So please, please, please use this tutorial if you have left comments and never got replies. Because almost EVERY blogger I follow (and I’m a junkie) loves to personally reply to comments VIA EMAIL!
I am literally begging you. Please. 
If you’re really paranoid, create an email address especially for comments and set it up to forward to your real address. That way no one sees your real address but you can get replies. Google will do it for free! No excuses now!

Here’s the first step: 
Go to your Dashboard and hit ‘Edit Profile’:

Here’s the second step:
Make sure the box next to ‘Show my email address’ is CHECKED – and make sure the email address is one you actually use, or one you’ve forwarded to your actual email address.

That’s it. Now I can help you sew and quilt, send you free stuff, tell you how nice you are, thank you profusely for the support and bloggy love. Who doesn’t want that landing in their email inbox?
(p.s. no one sends nasty emails to me as a result of this, and mine’s been ‘showing’ for months.)

Thank You!!!

© J C Excell, 2011

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7 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday: Can I Reply To Your Comments?

  1. Well Jenna, I am not one that you are aiming at, but thank you for the post. I have had lovely people leave me comments too and am always so unhappy that I can't say hello and thank you. Hope this does the trick for a few at least.
    Jenny x

  2. it took me a while to realise that i was replying to the noreply@blogger comments especially after i didn't get a reply from the person i replied to, opps that was complicated wasn't it!
    anyhow great post as i to like to be able to reply to comments when i can…

  3. Jenna-
    I'm in the same boat about just checking blogs in Reader on my phone and forgetting to comment. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with me your blog. You have some great inspiration and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. How fun that you get to live in the UK. Does your hubby have an accent? I love accents!


  4. I'll have to make sure mine s showing so you an send free stuff & love notes…. 😛 😉 lol! Just kidding… Hehehe!

    Just wanted to let you know Kelly & I are done our mug rug swap! I posted on my blog today if you want to take a peek! Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to the next swap! 🙂

  5. Heehee….this gave me a tickle…not that I'm belittling your frustration in ANY way- it's just that, well, sometimes the obvious is so un-obvious! :o)

    I could totally see myself doing that!

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