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Showing Off This Thursday!

First, I’ve been hoping and hoping that Little Geek’s school would hire me to teach a handbag course, but I hadn’t heard anything since I turned my ‘plan’ in aaaaages ago. But I got an email yesterday to let me know they’re making a Mothers and Daughters course! That means I have a legit job to look forward to! Woohoo! So, if you’re in the Romsey area and want to join us, it’s at Mountbatten School and I don’t have any more deets than that. But I’ll keep you posted!

A while ago I won a giveaway from Annie at The Felt Fairy, and my package came last week:

A sweet little mouse pincushion to keep me company, and inside:

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have received these – they’re my faves for quilting as they are long and hold onto the quilt weight cotton really tight! So thank you so much Annie! You so totally rock!

And I know yesterday I showed a few pics from the Malvern Quilt Show which I attended, but I haven’t shown you my loot yet:

I. spent. a. lot. of. money. OOPS! But I got some super stuff – my micro iron is hilarious to use and it doesn’t heat up the room like my big iron does. Speaking of my sewing room…

It’s sunny and warm enough here in Southampton to necessitate sheets of aluminium foil on the ceiling and windows, so once again the neighbours probably think we’re growing pot. (We’re not.)

And finally, remember how I groaned about a quilt top featuring all prints? Well, I finally quilted it and it’s gone to live with friends as a housewarming gift. I must say, it didn’t turn out too badly:

Here’s a couple of close ups of the quilting:

I did a bit of stitching in the ditch, along with random lines. I really enjoyed doing the random lines, although I got cross with the masking tape and ended up using chalk instead.

Off to go geocaching with a friend!

© J C Excell, 2011

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5 thoughts on “Showing Off This Thursday!

  1. A legit job! WOO-WHO! Nice Jen!! And the quilt turned out lovely!!
    Heee..hee, what a loot, jealous of your new fabric!!! living vicariously through your purchases!

  2. Hello Jenna,
    Found your blog throuhg finding one of your tutorials on a google search, and I’m been plowing through most of your posts and tempted by many tutorials! Now feel very inspired! I love the blogosphere!

  3. Congratulations on the class! That’s so exciting, and sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. Maybe a doorway to more classes and workshops? So exciting!!

  4. OK, so, (like) you don’t have enough to do! Great job landing the teaching position. Sounds like it will be fun. Plus, with you teaching, entertaining as well. The haul of goodies makes me drool.

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