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Stashtacular Thu + My Great Big Fabric Score!

Today’s Stashtacular post is over at Spontaneous Threads, and there’s still time to get another entry for the $25 gift certificate as well!

How is everyone? I just had to share the last few days with you. You’ll probably hear more about them next week, but I am so freakin excited about my fabric that I had to show you! And no, I didn’t cheat on my fabric diet because I bought them ages ago.

About 2 months ago or so, I started buying fabrics on etsy and having them shipped to my mum in Texas instead of paying international shipping here. She carefully looked after all my packages and never complained that I was ordering too much. I think my mum is one of the nicest people in the world, and you’ll see why. Here’s a pic of my new stuff:

I bought 10 FQs of Quilted Fish’s Sugar and Spice line, a Ruby layer cake (That line is so, so beautiful), a Grace True Cut rotary blade sharpener, 15 FQs + 1yd of Tula Pink’s Prince Charming line, and 300 little 3.5″ squares of I-spy fabrics for making I-spy quilts for my nephews. (The sharpener is awesome!) I bought 2 packs of 100 I-spy charms from Sew Together on etsy, who was kind enough to make them more boy-oriented – only $10 per 100. I seriously recommend her!

Gratuitous close up of Prince Charming:

Isn’t it lovely? I bought the indigo and honey colourways, but when I got them I realised it’s too dark. So I’ll order some of the coral FQs to round it out. BTW, I’ve been searching for a list of Kona solids which coordinate with Prince Charming – I have to order them as no one near me sells Kona solids, and colours are hard to judge on computer screens. So if any of you know the names, please will you leave them in the comments?

We also took my parents to Bath Spa to see the Roman Baths:

My parents and Savi at the Roman Baths. Total tourists, right? 🙂

Mimi and Savi in the centre of Bath.

Well, I better go as Savi is home from school and needs some attention from her mum. What a chore, right? 🙂

© J C Excell, 2011

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11 thoughts on “Stashtacular Thu + My Great Big Fabric Score!

  1. Parents are awesome that way, my mom just came to visit from California and delivered a HAMPER full of fabric from her stash plus a serger and a box of accessories – I can’t even imagine what that would have cost to ship, and I don’t even want to think about international rates on that! Have fun sewing I can’t wait to see what you make 🙂

  2. I bought the exact same FQ’s from Prince Charming too, and I have a Kona Color Card, just let me know what color solids you are thinking of getting….blue, yellow…whatever and I will look them up for you!

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! I love them all, you have great taste in patterns and colours! Your parents look like they’re enjoying being tourists, hope Savi is enjoying her summer holidays and that you’ve been having lots of good weather. We had a sunny week here ’til today, hoping the weekend will be dry though! 🙂 x

  4. Oh, parents that enable our fabric habits are the best aren’t they? My mum and dad have just hauled back quite a lot of fabric from France for me (they were driving, I flew with sleasyjet, so they had no luggage allowance to deal with lol) My dad, rather stoically, said that if nothing else it could be used to pack around the cases of wine they’d bought ;o)

  5. Lovely fabrics, if you wanted to lighten the prince charming line up I would go with these Konas: Ash, Aqua, Azure, Buttercup and Canary. Simplysolids is a great uk website that stocks Konas and if they dont have the colour you want they will order it in for you and they dont charge VAT! hope this helps

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