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Feature Friday and Win $30 For Fabric! Mug Rug Challenge

Hi everyone, this is going to be short and sweet as I have a horrible cold and a tongue ulcer simultaneously and want to go eat ice cream for dinner. Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the winners of the Stashtacular massive giveaway, so make sure you check in!

And I also want to mention the Summer Mug Rug Challenge that my friend Kris Garst is hosting over on Facebook. Click here to read the rules. All you have to do is join the group, and when that’s sorted you simply add pictures of mug rugs you’ve made for the chance to win a $30 gift certificate to THE FABRIC STORE OF YOUR CHOICE!!!! Woohoo! I’ll be asking for votes next week 😉

Mary over at Craft Buds published this fantastic, easy to understand tutorial for her dress/skirt. Seriously, everything about the tute is good – informative photos, good instructions – If you’ve been hot this week and want a maxi skirt, go check this out!

Wendy from The Crafter’s Apprentice felted the solar system from a kit available on etsy – isn’t it cute?

And I’d love to give a shout out to my lovely friend Ruth over at Cherry Coloured Twist, who ordered labels from Spoonflower – They’re smaller than the ones I ordered and now I’m convinced that I too NEED smaller labels for smaller stuff (doll quilt swap, mug rug swap, etc?). Aren’t they gorgeous? Sigh. If you want to make some, read Julie Herman’s VERY useful post here, and read my post here to avoid making the mistakes I made. Seriously, read them BOTH!

Well, I’m out. Back tomorrow for the massive giveaway post – there are going to be a TON of winners!

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10 thoughts on “Feature Friday and Win $30 For Fabric! Mug Rug Challenge

  1. Jen feel better! So sorry your sore throat turned into nasty! Eat ice cream and go straight to bed! And thanks for the heads up on the mug rug contest…I would love to win some fabric ;O)

  2. Thanks for featuring my world!! I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling ill,there’s been a bug sweeping my work recently and it’s not pleasant. Feel better soon

  3. I think the whole UK has a cold right now, I’m at the tail end of mine now rocking the red nose look 🙂 Hope your feeling better soon!

  4. Thanks so much for the feature! My success with the labels is down to you and Julie at Jaybird – so I really don;t deserve much credit. I do agree that they are lovely though. I’m very pleased!

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