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Have You Ever Felt Ignored?

Ok, so I wrote this tutorial to correspond with the Grand Prize giveaway in the Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap. (And I don’t want you to think that I’m a non-stop complainer, so as a thank-you for reading my whingefest, I will give away a big-ass packet of really nice scraps and fabrics to one random commenter. I’ll draw the winner Monday night after I teach and cook dinner.)

It’s not an amazing tutorial, I admit. It uses a charm pack for the front, and there are HSTs (zig zag pattern) on the back. Not exactly the most original tutorial on the planet, I know (so those of you nasties out there don’t need to tell me…). But it does use a Moda charm pack for the front (It’s Sophie by Chez Moi) and since I have the tutorial already written, I thought, ‘Why not try my luck with Moda Bake Shop?’

So about 10 days ago, I filled out the form. I even gave them the link to the already-finished tutorial on Google Docs. Yes, let me repeat that – I didn’t just go to them with a vague idea, I left a link to the completed tutorial. Like I said, that was ten days ago.

Now, I want to be crystal clear here: If MBS doesn’t like my runner tute for ANY reason and they don’t think it’s a good fit right now or ever, I am TOTALLY fine with that. Not everyone’s ideas make it. And as I said, it’s not the most amazing pattern anyway, and maybe they’re looking for more complicated stuff than my lil table runner. And I’d also like to make it clear that I know they don’t HAVE to write me an email to let me know they’re not interested. But I do think it’s a little rude to ignore the very people who are advertising and promoting your products FOR FREE.

And I haven’t heard a. single. word. Not even a brief, we-got-your-application-and-sorry-it’s-not-what-we’re-looking-for-right-now email. Nothing. Ever since I started blogging, I looked on MBS as the pinnacle of a brilliant symbiosis between a fabric company ruthlessly wanting to sell fabrics and bloggers wanting to get known. And there’s a lot of prestige in being published on Moda Bake Shop. It means you’ve arrived, you know? And fine, they’re not a charity, but how can they completely ignore applications which represent A LOT of hard work from the very people who make their name big?

Because I know for a fact that I’m not the only person whose hard work has been completely ignored by MBS. I’m not going to name names here, because I haven’t asked permission, but I do know that other bloggers have applied to MBS and have been completely ignored. So I guess if they decide that your work isn’t good enough for them, there’s not really any reason to be courteous and let you know. Nice.

Yeah. Thanks. Why am I spending my hard-earned money on fabric from a company like that AND publishing tutorials which utilize and promote that very fabric? In modern parlance, WTF?

So I may get behind on replying to every comment via email, but I promise you, if you have an idea that you want featured on SewHappyGeek, I won’t ignore you. I promise. It may take a day or two to get back to you, but no matter how big I get or how small I am, I won’t ignore the very people who promote my site, linky party, swaps and giveaways. And thank you very, very much for listening to my frustrations.

Have you ever felt ignored?  (Oh dear, I hope it’s not by me, and if it is, I wholeheartedly apologise.)

© J C Excell, 2011

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47 thoughts on “Have You Ever Felt Ignored?

  1. It’s one of my pet peeves… no response from folks by email or phone… please don’t say “leave a message and I will get back to you” if you fully intend NOT TO DO IT. Like you said, just a “we are not interested, thank you for your submission would be ok and appreciated” especially when you are promoting their product especially.

  2. You are so amazing Jenna!! I think they are just insaine to not notice you, it would only help them more! Your blog is awesome! Your swaps are awesome AND your tutorial is awesome!

  3. Plain bad manners I say! at least an acknowledgement would help – on a similar note my daughter is job hunting and I would say over 90% of firms don’t even bother to reply to her – I mean, how hard can it be??

  4. ‘bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb’ the sound of me blowing a raspberry at mbs! Who do they think they are! As you say, where would they be without us promoting and buying their fabric?! I have a rather hight ethical purchasing policy and certinaly think twice about giving money to a company I beleive to be rude and ‘high and mighty’!
    Love the runner but I will most likely be running it up in a different fabric now lol!

  5. It’s such a big deal over there that they use pics of contributors in ads and put out a book with projects. You would think……….well, I guess not.

    Maybe *they* are getting too big for their buttons. I feel bad for those of you ignored. It’s not fun.

    I love your table runner, btw.

  6. I don’t know what to say about MBS, but I like your tale runner. I hope in a few days you get some sort of response from them. Maybe keep bugging them until they give you a yes or no. Good luck.

  7. There is nothing worse than being ignored. I would almost rather have someone be rude to me – at least that means they thought I was important enough to respond to. Makes you think twice about a lot of things. There is something to be said for being polite! Love the table runner by the way 🙂

  8. I love your table runner. I do not like getting no response either. A simple response takes little time on their part. I hope it gets better.

  9. I hate it when people (or companies) who think they are bigger and better than you don;t feel the need to acknowledge the work that you do. Shame on them, and actually its their loss. Your table runner looks fantastic and I know first hand how fabulous your sewing is!

  10. I agree it is only courteous to acknowledge receipt of your suggestion, even if only to say “no, thanks.” But I think Gill is right, it is more the norm these days to say nothing. It certainly does not engender a feeling of good will toward the company.

  11. Yup, I have had the same experience with MBS. I seriously think it is because my little blog only has 37 followers (who I love to pieces by the way). I think they only feature bloggers/designers with a huge following. Just my opinion. Love your table runner, it’s darling.

  12. It is pretty bad of them not to even acknowledge the people who contact them ie the very same people who made them as big as they are. Seems to be a lot of tutorials from the more well known bloggers, hmm, strategically clever??

  13. I totally get that feeling. About a year and a half ago I did a lot of applying for retail jobs at the local outlet mall – about 12 cold-calls in one day. Of those, I got 2 interviews, and got to a second interview for one of them. I was told I’d expect a call back within a day or two. Luckily I got hired by a third store a few days later, because I never heard back from them. I know it’s hard to give people bad news, but it’s even harder to wait for a call (or email) that never comes. A simple, thanks, but no thanks, or even a form letter is better than that.

  14. Oh Jenna! I HATE it when people are rude like that. I don’t see why a person/company can’t send an email stating something, whether they want to use it or not.

    You’ve saved me too, I think. LOL. I have been debating about doing this same thing, and I don’t want to be ignored…


  15. Jenna, I’m so sorry this happened to you (and others)! This kind of thing happens all the time to job applicants. Companies rarely respond to you unless they want to set up an interviewed. It quickly becomes demoralizing. I hope they get back to you soon! Oh, and I like your table runner. 🙂

  16. Oh Jenna 🙁

    I have no idea MBS take to reply if they are interested – my usual technique, if I am waiting on anything is a second ‘go’, as I it may not have got there – computers are so unreliable, or maybe your email is going array – I’d ask them what their response was, as you can’t locate their email.

    Hope you have had a great meal out x

  17. Oh my goshness, manners cost nothing, a quick email saying ‘Thanks we received it, get back soon’ takes seconds. So many people / companies just think to much of themselves. I for one, think the runner looks wonderful, way above my skill level, and actually something I’d love to see on a site like MBS.
    I know its sucky, but don’t let it get to you, you have a great talent in sewing!

  18. I HATE to be ignored. At the very least, a response lets you know whether or not they even received the app/email/message. There is no excuse for rudeness. In the business world in general, reciprocity (you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours)is a determining factor is who you do business with. There is no such thing as being so big and so good you don’t need the “little people”. Looks like these MBS people didn’t go to business school. Their loss in the long run.

  19. Oh sweetie! I’m sorry you feel this way. I wouldn’t know what to expect – hopefully this is normal or that they are swamped. Just know it’s not you!

  20. I think we’ve all been treated that way at some time or another in various ways. For me it was a job interview – within my own division – for which I never received a single peep. I’ve moved on to a new role with higher visibility and more security so it worked out. Sometimes there is something better out there for us.

    It doesn’t excuse poor manners though. Not for you and not in my situation. And like you, I think less of that person/group. MUCH less.

  21. Had an interesting experience the other day, may or may not relate. I got a form letter from a magazine company saying our subscription would expire shortly. Because they included a stamped envelope I wrote and told them I had already renewed. Ticked me off cause I hate to get final notice after final notice, especially when I’ve already dealt with it. So last week I got a nice form postcard saying “Our records do not agree with yours. Please send a copy of —–.” Ticked me off again. Just because. Finally yesterday I went through my records to find the Visa record or a check and I found that the check I sent in July had never been cashed. So we were both right and both wrong. I then renewed online and got the automatic notice that our subscription had been extended. Doesn’t take much to add the extra touch that takes all the negative feelings away. I’m sorry you’re frustrated, perhaps a constructive comment to MBS regarding customer service would be a help to both them and you.
    Personally, I think your table runner is as nice as a lot of things I’ve seen on MBS.

  22. It has happened…not right. I do agree; that if you take the time to leave a comment, you should get a response. Granted; you may not get to it right away. Some things do come up and I can’t read every post or comment every day….but I try…and I answer everyone that I see when I see it….

  23. It`s strange that before email, companies would always acknowledge a job application but now, when it`s so easy to set up a standard one, they don`t. I wouldn`t give up on MBS…there may be a good reason why you haven`t heard, I agree with Hadley – send them a reminder asking what`s up and I wish you lots of luck.

  24. Very VERY bad manners. And your design is beautiful! Every time I go to the fabric store, I see Sophie/Chez Moi all lined up, and I die a little inside. LOL!! You’re awesome, and never forget it!

  25. That is ridiculous. They should at least have an automated response that they got your submission and are reviewing it. Ugh. Sometimes companies/people get too big for their own britches and it goes to their head. I hope you hear back from them anyway.

  26. At the very least, a courteous fob off would be what I would expect. Especially since you went to them with a complete tutorial. It occured to me a while ago that MBS was not all it seemed – it’s supposedly there with tutorials for using their precuts but then the vast majority of projects are actually more like several-precuts-&-some-yardage, which to me kind of defeats the purpose. This little blog follower is very appreciative of your work even if MBS isn’t!

  27. Hey Jenna, that’s so annoying! I hate it when people don’t get back to you and just ignore you for days and days — it’s frustrating to say the least. And ya know what sucks even worse? When you are the one doing them a favor (I mean lets be honest here – bloggers/designers/etc are the ones that come up with the content for the moda bake shop in the first place!) and they still ignore you.


    Hope you hear back soon or that you at least get to go buy lots of fabric and eat cookies instead. =)

  28. That is just plain rude

    It wouldn’t be hard for them to write a generic sorry but no thanks type email that they could poing as required, but to totally inore you when you have made that effort just plain sucks

    I have often seen them promoted on my wanders around blog world and have been tmepted to try some of their fabrice but I won’t bother now – I’ll carry on getting mine from my local shop where they have pretty fabrtic and lovely manners

    It is such a pretty table runnnr too that ignoring your tutorial is stupid as welll as rude

  29. You made my day, week and probably month. I have all the same feelings. The blog is hard work, the promoting of it is hard working and selling……I’ve changed my giveaways to free patterns quarterly. Hoping people will purchase my books???? I’ve figured the only way to get national posts, is to purchase, (who can afford that) or just keep doing it the blog way, cross our fingers and know we are all out here with you ! ! ???:) 🙂

    You made me laugh, out, loud ! Amen sister !

  30. Hi Jenna, I’m sorry that you were ignored. I feel like it’s the same sometimes with blogs – whenever people comment on my blog, I ALWAYS reply within a certain amount of time. Sending positive energy your way – maybe you have yet to hear back 🙂 !

  31. Hi Jenna, I’m sorry to hear about that. Being ignored is the worst feeling I know. It happen to me few times in the past. But the worst just happen today. I’m so down I can’t even talk about it yet. I have an impression that I’ve wasted the last 3 weeks of work on one quilt for nothing 🙁

  32. Hi Jenna. No company or individual should be so discourteous !! It is extremely rude and hurtful and not a very good advertisement for Moda. I don’t blame you for feeling angry, I would be, too. Sandy.
    BTW love your runner, I have a charm pack of Bliss that would be great to use, so thanks!!!!

  33. That’s a shame because I think your runner is adorable! I’m still holding out a little hope that you will hear from them and that they are just really slow because I would love to see your runner and tutorial on MBS. Just know that you certainly are not ignored and lots of us love and appreciate your work!

    Jennifer 🙂

  34. I’m sorry you didn’t get a response! I know it makes me really happy when people reply, even if it’s just a generic, “thanks!” so I can imagine how bad you felt when you were ignored. I hope something great happens to you to make up for it! 🙂

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