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Features, Random Crap and Revamped Binding Tutorial

Hello! Friday already? What do you all have planned for the weekend? Buzz and I have a photo shoot we desperately need good weather for. I’m a little concerned that we’re not going to get it.

I also wanted to direct you toward my quilt binding tutorial – the first set of pics featured fabric that didn’t really show up well, so I re-shot it and I think it’s vastly improved. But I’d love your opinion too.

And I’ve posted my first Swoonalong pics on Flickr – I only allow myself to work on it on Fridays and if everything else is done. So after I finish putting together the Cherish do. Good Stitches quilt top, I’m going to cut another Swoonalong block! Whee!

I had 3 big ‘winners’ this week for the most hits. Remember yesterday I said I’d be doing a tutorial for my friend Melissa’s Valentine’s celebration? Well I’m also doing a tutorial for my friend Sarah’s Learn to Sew Series. She has some FANTASTIC tutorials coming up – and I don’t just mean mine. (But mine’s good too. Really.)

FairyFace Designs

And Sarah’s been gearing up to participate in Mouthy Stitches Zippy Pouch swap, which I’m pretty sad I missed.

The next one comes from Tabatha at Bending Pins:

Isn’t this lovely? If she does a pdf of these beautiful appliques I’d pay for it! 😉

And finally Esther from Happy in Red made a cute shopping bag:

See you Monday for another edition of Manic Monday Linky Party!

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3 thoughts on “Features, Random Crap and Revamped Binding Tutorial

  1. Hee hee hee, love the idea of only ‘allowing’ yourself to swoon on Fridays after everything else! I am desperately hoping to get a promised rush project done this weekend so that I’m free and clear for ‘normal’ or at least ‘less pressing’ stuff after that. My cunning (?!) plan is to devote week nights to sewing for others (bee blocks, swap items, tutorials, QALs etc) and weekends to sewing for ‘myself’ (craft fair stock, experiments and maybe my own quilt!)

  2. Jenna,I knew you would save me 🙂 I came looking for a binding tut,and you did not disappoint!
    Thank you sew much 😉 Off to bind a soon Not to be UFO!
    Just wondering,would a Dresden ruler work for block # 5 in the QAL?

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