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New Spoonflower Quilt Labels & Tutorial

They’re here! I had forgotten I’d even ordered them! Yeah, don’t judge, I’m a bit empty headed sometimes.

I got 12 big labels for around $12, including shipping to the UK. It’s now printed on Kona cotton which is SO nice! Seriously, if you have been wanting to make labels for your quilts, don’t bother spending money on the printing stuff and the formaldehyde dye enhancer, just follow my suggestions and mini-tute and design your own! You can easily do it on Picmonkey for free.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, make sure you leave plenty of room for a seam allowance!

And just for shits and giggles, and my husband is gonna kill me for this, here’s a pic of our bed:

Can you tell whose side is whose? And yes, he sleeps wrapped up like a burrito in the ENTIRE superking sized duvet. And I sleep under quilts I’ve made. :p

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11 thoughts on “New Spoonflower Quilt Labels & Tutorial

  1. Haha, plenty of shits and giggles, thank Jenna! Also I tried making my own labels last week, only to find when I washed my quilt it was a big fail, so thanks for the heads up, I didn’t realise they could work our so reasonable from spoonflower.

  2. Bwahahahaha, love the bed shot! I have Spoonflower labels on my ‘To Do’ list for this weekend. Mind you, it’s been on my list about 3 months now, so who knows…

  3. Haha, I love how it looks like there’s still a big burrito in your bed! (Wait, did that sound bad?)

    Your labels turned out super cute! 🙂

  4. Ha! My husband would so disown me if I shared pics, but we both sleep under the same comforter with an assortment of blankets and quilts piled on (it can be chilly here most of the time). It gets really interesting when you add a cat that thinks she likes to be under the covers too! I love your new labels and have been thinking about making some on spoonflower myself.

  5. That is pretty much the same as our bedroom except I think my hubs would be comfortable sleeping on top of the covers! I love your labels, I totally need to make some of those!

  6. Bwah ha ha, thanks for just Saying shits and giggles!
    The labels look great; I’ll be looking at your tute. Been just browsing at Spoonflower so I’m glad to hear about both service and excellemt price!

  7. this looks like our bed ; except my husband has his 2 quilts that I made for him . We started using our own blankets and we both sleep much better ! MUCH BETTER !!! We’ve only been married not quite 8 years and this works out better ! aren’t we romantic — NOT !!! at our age SLEEP is the most important thing ! Like your labels

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