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Friday Feature & A Bit Of A Moan

Hello! I’ve had a weird week, and the only way I can describe it is by saying it’s been swings and roundabouts, which is a brilliant Brit phrase meaning ‘sometimes things look up and go well, then they go badly and frustrate me’. I’m not really able to share one thing that’s been seriously eating away at me, which is really frustrating as I’d really value your advice. What I can say is that this is the second time, and it’s strange how something that’s entirely someone else’s fault makes me question my self worth, both as a professional and a quilter/designer. I think the second time of dealing with this inner turmoil will be the last, as I just can’t take it any more. I’m so sorry to be so vague; I promise I’ll fill you in as soon as it’s safe for me to do so. Meanwhile, I’m stressed and grumpy. :s

Oh yeah, if you haven’t already registered for the rainbow FQ bundle giveaway, do so now!

But there is good news as well! We’ve got an adorable finish this week:

 Mary finished her Oh My Stars! quilt, which was a QAL on thought & found so you can make one too! It’s beautiful and I can just imagine how much work went into it – well done, Mary!

I’ll see you guys Monday for another week of Manic Monday Linky Party!

P.S. Because the Google Overlords want to force the entire planet into using their crappy social application, my Google Friend Connect has been cancelled. But you can still get me in your Google Reader (or any other reader) by clicking on the Feedburner (RSS) link below. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Friday Feature & A Bit Of A Moan

  1. Hope things seem brighter soon. I hate that disgruntled, can’t put it right but can’t let it go feeling, which sounds pretty much like where you’re at today. Time is the answer, but that’s no consolation today!

  2. Really sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time, but I’m really delighted that you featured my quilt! So you made at least one person happy today! Thanks very much and go and eat cake/sew/drink wine/whatever cheers you up!

  3. Jenna, Keep your head up ! ! I’ve had a week here too, maybe they are after us quilt designers, I don’t know if this is was your problem, but I was smacked down this week too, thank goodness the other people on the site stood up for me, I could say nothing, just overwhelmed with hurt. I had NEVER been Bullied, and all I can say is, “I’m off Facebook.” Leaving my page up, but nothing else. I have a mentor, who has one of the biggest blogs in USA, and she said, she has her page, over 6000 followers and posts nothing to it. Just let’s people talk, she will not be a part of mean(did it 6 months ago), if they take the time to come to her site they must like and respect her. I want you to know, I LOVE your site, I love your ideas and the open heart you give to us ALL. Know in your heart, we are here with YOU ! wish I could hug you ! and take you to lunch ! ! or better yet after this week, cocktails !

  4. First of all, I like the quilt. It’s so light and airy.

    Second of all, don’t sweat it. Your self worth should be found in yourself and your accomplishments and never someone else’s! Eat some chocolate, complain about them a little more and maybe get a pedicure. You’ll be feeling much better in no time! 🙂

  5. *Ahem* hit the e-mail missy, right now! And hope you’re having a good drink to wash it all away since it’s Friday night and all…

  6. Keep your chin up and go with your gut. It’s usually the right thing to do. Hope the weekend is better for you.

  7. Oh dear, sounds like you are having a rough time. Please don’t give in to any negativity, you are highly respected as a professional and a quilt designer. You only have to look at the joy that the QAL brought to so many people to see that! Hope you get the problem sorted out soon.

  8. Remember to have faith in yourself. Its what YOU think that matters the most, well and maybe your loved ones. I think your just fantastic, if that helps at all.

    That is such a cute star quilt! Im so glad you showed it to us!!

  9. Chin up and don’t accept someone else s thoughts about you. I love coming to your blog and reading about what you are doing. You make more people happy and excited about sewing.

  10. Please don’t let anyone or anything cause you to doubt yourself. You are a *brilliant* quilter and designer and I look forward to seeing your new ideas. You are just wonderful!!

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