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I’m in the Brit edition of Fat Quarterly Magazine!!

When I started this blog two years ago, I NEVER imagined I’d be in a magazine. And when Fat Quarterly first came out, I was so excited to have a modern quilting magazine that actually ‘gets’ us. It’s a real dream come true to have met with the FQ gang in London (even if I was hobbling a bit), and to have a pattern published in this issue of Fat Quarterly is SO amazing I kinda don’t have words for it.

So here’s the bag:

It’s called Je’taime Le Thames and it’s very roomy. Of course I’m not the only pattern in the Sew Britannia edition of Fat Quarterly, and I’m definitely not the best – I really recommend buying a copy of the magazine. There are some truly amazing quilts in there.

The Sew Britannia edition of Fat Quarterly is $8, and an annual subscription is only $28. If you follow Lynne at Lily’s Quilts and Katy of I’m A Ginger Monkey, you’ll know how good the magazine is. Oh yeah, and there’s a book out too, of blocks designed by the whole team – that’s a whole lot of talent in one book, trust me.

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