Manic Monday Linky Party & My New Quilt Pattern!

Wow, I couldn’t believe how many responses I got on Friday’s post about having a handbag Sew Along! It was enough to kick my ass into gear and get the pattern pieces scanned in this weekend – I’ve had them for MONTHS sitting around in my sewing room. So I’ll continue to move my ass along and start sorting the rest out. I’m hoping we can start next Tuesday. (But in case I don’t get all the kinks worked out, please don’t be mad if it takes longer!)

In other pattern related news, I’d like to introduce my new pdf quilt pattern, Square It Up. This isn’t one of those blogs where all I blog about is the stuff I have for sale in my etsy shop, but I am trying to get a tiny fraction of my money back that I spend on fabric (and sometimes on blogging). You know what I mean, right? So here’s my advert:

Square It Up is an easy (very easy!) layer cake quilt. There are two ways to make it – one with pieced blocks in the outer corner, or one with squares of fabric as shown. All you need is a layer cake, 1/2 yd/meter of solid for sashing, and a fat quarter (or 1/2 yd/meter, depending on your design choice) to make the top. Included in the pattern are pictures and lots of directions, much like my tutorials. So even a beginner will find this pattern easy to follow. Seriously, I swear.

It’s on sale in my etsy shop, SewHappyGeek, for $8.  Finished size: about 60″ by 60″. And you know you can always email me for support!

Right. On with the show!

© J C Excell, 2011

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4 Responses to Manic Monday Linky Party & My New Quilt Pattern!

  1. Kelly says:

    This is a lovely pattern Jen, I really like your use of colors on this one…mmm pink and aqua! Congrats on another pattern!

  2. Great pattern! Out of curiosity – what software do you use to design your patterns and get them published?

  3. CeLynn Peeler says:

    Love it,and can’t wait to start your sew-a-long! Thanks for the linky party :)

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