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Fun with Anti-Barbies

Hey all, hope you had a great weekend. We played with dolls – specifically what I like to call Savi’s Anti-Barbies (which are, not surprisingly, also made by Mattel, so they have the bourgeois and alternative markets cornered)…
Here’s a short story-told-by-photo I made:

OOO! Is this, like, a jacuzzi?
Um, hello? Where’s, like, the water and junk?
OMG! What the hell is this thing?
Ok, I think I can get out…
This is so totally NOT cool? Why won’t you help us?
Do you have any ibuprofen?

Do you like it? I honestly couldn’t resist.
I also wanted some opinions on this fabric cuff bracelet I made:

I’d like to make a few and sell them, but I don’t know if I’m the only person on the planet who thinks fabric jewelry is cool… I’m working on a shiny silver one with a bone applique and a rhinestone button on it for Halloween – maybe I’ll post a tute if anyone’s interested? Rema? How bout u?
And finally, Savi went to her first school dance of the year Friday night, and she looked SO cute!:

Thanks for reading, and this week I’ll post pics of the moon and stars handbag I’ve been commissioned to make when I get it finished. Cheers everyone!

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