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New Forest Festival

Ok, sorry it’s been so long since I last posted.  There’s a lot going on at Casa ExcellGeek.  This weekend we went to the (first?) New Forest Festival.  We all got in for free because we were representin’ the Southampton Juggling Club.  I don’t juggle anything or do any other flashy stuff so I guess I was a groupie, but the free entry was great! We thought they’d juggle for like 10 minutes and let people play with the ‘workshop’ kit – i.e. cheap stuff that Guy carries around to let strangers play around with.  But they ended up doing a show, which was a bit embarrassing as Buzz was really very not prepared, and we basically ran a workshop the whole time we were there.  But we had LOADS of fun so it was totally worth it. Savi brought her spinning plate and even helped to teach people how to try to do that.

Savi helping random people learn to spin plates

‘Arthur’, aka Guy in his very cool mask, specially made to look like him, only wayyyyy older.
hee hee, someone had a sense of humor!
Buzz teaching a very talented kid some diabolo tricks
the queue for food – can you see me? I’m the one wearin’ a rockin’ apron!

Savi and I wore aprons the whole time in an attempt to raise apron awareness and rustle up some possible orders, but since we hung out with the juggling club the whole time I think everyone thought it was some kind of costume. Oh well. Best get the online store up…

The dude in the background in the yellow pimpin’ hat-thingy is Simon, friend and fellow juggler.

 All in all it was a very successful day. Plus Buzz got to chat with Mark Kermode for like, 25 seconds, and didn’t mention films once, which for a serious FilmGeek is pretty impressive. Though they did chat about projecting a film using 8 bicycles which took place (totally successfully!) Friday night.
Strangely, juggling caused us to meet, and, eventually, get married. So juggling will always have a special little place in my heart…

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