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Hello all, and I hope you are having fantastic holidays!
I am actually in the midst of major panic mode because none of the items I’ve posted to the US have made it to their new homes yet.  Apparently US Homeland Security is holding the postal services up, but of course that’s no help at all for the lovely people who bought my cosmetic bags…
So in an effort to forget about that for a little while, I’m posting a list of useful links I’ve been gathering for a while.  Most of them are for blogs with great tutorials, and most have to do with sewing or quilting. I hope you get some use out of these! 🙂

Grosgrain Fabulous: this is a fantastic site for anyone wanting free sewing tutorials and just plain eye candy – fantastic pics, brilliant tutes, great links! Recommended!
Craftypod: Sister Diane’s blog, which nicely complements her cool and crafty podcast (which I love) – lots of tutorials of lots of different kinds of crafts, and a treasure of links.
Moda Bake Shop: Moda Fabric’s lovely site is a brilliant collection of free quilting tutorials featuring their beautiful fabric collections.  If you think you might be interested in quilting, here’s a great place to get free help.
OCD: Obsessive Crafting Disorder: cute blog featuring some really good tutorials; I especially like the fabric necklace and the messenger bag.
Quilting in the Rain: Here’s where you go to get started with the basics of quilting, and a site which has answered a great number of my quilting questions of the 1 a.m. variety…
Sew Dang Cute: has some free tutorials, many of them are very cute kid’s clothes or housewares stuff, plus the Charlotte Russe-inspired skirt tutorial is seriously awesome!
Sew Much Ado: lots of informative tutorials for kid’s clothes and around-the-house goodies.
The Answer is Chocolate: Carol has a great blog, and is kind enough to have lots of linky parties, so it’s a quick way to find free tutorials from all over the web that you never would have been exposed to. And she’s a really nice lady, too.
Cubic Dreams: has some rockin’ clothing tutorials – they’re expertly written and presented, and the clothes that result from them are fantastic! 
Crap I’ve Made: has a cute tutorials page with a cool laptop sleeve, a couple of skirts, a messenger bag and lots of other cool houseware and kid’s clothing tutes.
Craftaholics Anonymous: has a fantastic tutorials page – if you scroll down all the way there are links to her readers’ tutorials as well, and there are loads of them! Fantastic!
A Few Scraps: is an amazing blog if you’re wanting to do some free motion quilting – loads of seriously good tutorials and lots of advice!
u-handblog, blog of u-handbag: tons of tutorials on making your own handbags, including one backpack! Lisa’s such a nice lady – I’ve ordered from her loads of times and have always been thrilled!
One Pretty Thing: is one of my favourites! If you want to spend 3 happy, lovely hours dreaming of fabric and sewing, try searching for ‘skirt’ and thank me later 🙂 Plus, rachel’s just a really nice gal.
Burda Style: Techniques: is a great resource for the beginning sewer as it has lots of explanations of sewing techniques, plus there are free projects and patterns too.
Totally Tutorials: really cute directory of tutes from all over the blogosphere! Everything you could imagine – food, crafts, sewing – it’s got everything!

Ok, that’s enough to keep you busy for a while! After my next post I’ll put up a seperate ‘links’ page and will try to keep it updated (at least occasionally!)  If you find a great link I should know about, leave it in the comments or email me!


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2 thoughts on “Useful Craft and Sewing Links

  1. Hi Jenna! Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment (and for following – will be following you too now)… I am more than happy for any link backs to my blog (still kinda new at blogging & LOVING any exposure) 🙂
    As for the shirring, did you check out my Purple petunia dress it has a little more detail on shirring otherwise I'd be more than happy to drop you a quick email 'how to' for shirring.

  2. Great links! I already love visiting one pretty thing, moda bake shop and totally tutorials, but the rest are new to me. I will have to go check them out! Hope the US postal system sorts itself out and gets your bags through! 🙂 x

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