Boden Inspired Applique Skirt Tute

Hello everyone! Here’s a quick tute/idea for improving a boring skirt or top that’s been haunting your closet.  I bought this Gap skirt for £4 in a charity shop in Romsey.  I wasn’t sure whether it would fit Savi, but I got seriously lucky – it fits perfectly! But it was a little boring… so as I was flipping through my old Boden catalogue, I found a skirt I had marked way back in August:

See that little flower on the bottom left? When I saw that, a little light bulb went on:

What you’ll need:

  • scraps of 3 kinds of fabric
  • Bondaweb 
  • shapes for circle, flowers and leaves – I used a big mug for the circle, 2 sizes of flower cookie cutters and I freehand drew the leaves
  • standard sewing kit

So, draw your shapes, fuse them to your fabric, blah blah, then put the stem, circle and leaves on:

Attach it how you want – I used an embroidery hoop, embroidery foot and dropped the feed dogs. Then after I did the circle, I put on the flowers one at a time. For the stem I used the Bondaweb tape. Did 2 extra small flowers on the other part of the front, sewed 3 cheap buttons on, too. All easy stuff.

And here she is wearing it! Cute, right? She’s very happy with it, so I think I did alright for £4 and some scraps…


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