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Mother’s Day Quilt and a Bit of Randomness

Wednesday again? Already? It feels like this past week has flown by! If you still haven’t left a link on the Manic Monday Linky Party, you can do so now!
I keep seeing Mother’s Day stuff all over the blogosphere, which always makes me feel guilty.  I live in the UK, and Mothering Sunday is NOT the same date as in the US.  So what I’ve always done is buy and post a card for my mother when they’re available here.  Pathetic, I know.
But this year, I’m hoping to do better! I got her quilt posted out a couple of weeks ago, and although I don’t actually know whether she got it yet, I don’t think she’ll see this post. So I thought I’d share it!
It’s the Snapdragon Quilt from the Two from One Jelly Roll Quilts Book I have.  I used the Martinique line from Moda, and if you’re in the UK and want to make one small jelly roll quilt without buying all 40 strips, I totally recommend Fabrics Plus!

For the backing I just used one kind of floral fabric as the quilt ended up being about 40″ wide, I just had to use one length and no joins! I love small quilts!

And, to keep the generational theme going, I’ve got a cute picture of Savi being totally reckless and fearless:

Yes, that really is my kid perched on the side of the swing as it goes up and down.  Buzz quickly got a picture of it, then we went over to tell her to get the hell off of there!

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5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Quilt and a Bit of Randomness

  1. I had to smile when I read your first paragraph. I understand completely, as I no longer live in the US, and so I also buy a 'Mothering Sunday' card in some time in March and then hold on to it until it rolls around to when it's celebrated in the US. I usually also send her a wee gift, like a handmade plaque and/or some recent photos.

    I'm only a newbie to quilting and fabric, but I'm definitely going to check out Two from One Jelly Roll Quilts Book as well as Fabrics Plus!

    Thanks for sharing this, Jenna.

  2. Love your quilt and totally love kids daring.hah.ah.aah..a..I can say that now that mine are grown!!

  3. I so like coming and seeing your quilts you put together.. I would say a close up picture would have been funtoo..for all us newbies in the quilting life. 😉

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