Fam Pics, Mug Rug Swap, Works in Progress

A Fruitful Swap, and Back to the Zoo We Go

Woohoo! My first Mug Rug from the swap arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous! Becky from Sew Sane Jane sent it from Illinois, not very far away from where I grew up – and she teaches at the junior college where I got my Associate’s Degree.  Small world, eh?

 This is just the back! Isn’t it lovely – I really love the purple flashes in it, paired with the charcoal gray it really stands out.

 And here’s the front.  Oh man, it’s so fab that when Little Geek came home from school she was immediately trying to hustle me into giving it to her. Yeah right.

 Here’s a closer look at the quilting, which is simple and so, so effective to show off the design.
Thank you Becky!!! You can see what I sent her over on her blog.

And now for the bad news: I am really struggling with my latest quilt, and it frustrates me so much I want to cry. The rows REFUSE to line up properly! And I know I cut everything correctly because I went back and measured them again.  The sashing rectangles (cream) are supposed to line up exactly to the blocks, but they are too short.  Way too short.  Like looks-like-a-clown-made-it too short.
I’ve been swearing, stretching, steaming, and I’m still going a bit crazy over it.  I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to stretch your fabric like that, but what can I do? I can’t take the whole damn quilt apart, can I? (NO. I will NOT sit with a seam ripper for 2 days.)
If you have any advice, please share it!

And last but not least, here are two funny pictures for you.  The first is one I took in 2005 at Marwell Zoo, next to the bat house. (Oh my goddess, that place smells. Even outside it stinks.)
And here’s one I took over the weekend when we went back.  Ha Ha, isn’t that funny? Look how much she’s grown? And isn’t funny how Buzz does the same pose in every picture, even when they’re 6 years apart! LOL!

Don’t forget – tomorrow’s Feature Friday! You guys have really impressed me this week!

© J C Excell, 2011

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7 thoughts on “A Fruitful Swap, and Back to the Zoo We Go

  1. Love the mug rug Jenna. I know I'm aging myself here but the pattern reminds me of lava lamps. Very groovy! On the quilt…it looks like you may just have to redo the sashing? I hate days like that in the sewing room. Good luck!

  2. mug rug is really nice colours…the quilt….if you can; just stretch things enough to get it sewn; it should work out…to me; it doesn't seem to be out much. It usually quilts down later….but depends on the fabric and how much it is out really..I have done it…

  3. I love those gorgeous makes – quilting always blows me away as it is something I can not do myself!

  4. Perhaps, just perhaps the pattern is wrong. It's happened….. unfortunately, I don't have a great fix, but I think the steaming and stretching, if done strategically might work.
    The mug rug is really beautiful. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive.

  5. Your mug rug received is so cute!
    I hate a quilt to do that to me! I just ended up ripping!! I hope you can stretch enough. The quilting will hold it all together.

  6. Love the mug rug you made for her! (peeked at her blog) and love the one she sent you! 🙂 Great swap!!

    As for the quilt, sorry but absolutely no advice, I'm new & clueless. lol! But it is beautiful so far….hope you're able to figure something out! 🙂

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