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Manic Monday Linky Party! & Can You Recommend A Good Machine?

Oh my, Monday already? Did you guys get up to anything nice? I worked on an easy quilt for myself…my lovely mum brought over some lovely Riley Blake Sugar and Spice from fabricshoppe a long time ago and I have decided to do an easy, HST lap quilt to ease myself back into quilting larger things. I had a super secret project that I had started quilting before my surgery, but my Brother Innovis 50 has a very small throat space, and shoving a big quilt through the machine still hurts my arm.

Actually, that brings something to mind. I’ve been thinking about getting a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0. Now, there are a few good reviews online, but I was wondering, do you happen to have a QE4? If not, what do you sew and quilt on? Do you love your machine? I’m saving up my teaching ££ for a wider machine, but there are so many on the market and it’s a bit overwhelming, to tell you the truth. So any input you’ve got will be truly appreciated.

And I can’t wait to see what you’ve all got going on!
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9 thoughts on “Manic Monday Linky Party! & Can You Recommend A Good Machine?

  1. I have a Brother NX-2000 (precisely because Baby Brother had too small a throat for wrestling dresses, bags and quilts through) It has an automatic foot height thing, automatic tension and a nice large throat, plus a million and one other gizmos and gadgets that are essential, but you never knew you needed!

  2. Look into the Baby Locks..I have the new BabyLock Crafters Choice..and love it…but I hand quilt…so; I can’t say a thing about the quilting on it yet…I will be doing a little, but not yet. They do have a line for quilting also…I know mine is a lovely machine…take a peek at them…

    And I know the QE from Pfaff is suppose to be a great one too.

  3. I’m still using the Janome 110 my mum bought me 16 years ago, it’s fairly basic but it works! I would love to be in the market for a new machine (or even be able to save for one!) I love the Sugar and Spice range, have fun with it.

  4. I’m in love with my Janome Memory Craft 7700 that I bought in July. It has an extra wide throat and is designed with quilter in mind. That said…I would die to get my hot little hands on the 12000 version that just came out (not that I can afford it!). It is a dual quilting and embroidery machine. A dream for me, and it will remain a dream until I hit the lottery!

  5. Wish I had some input for you in regards to your hunt for a new machine. I have a 13 year old basic Janome and would love to upgrade sometimes soon. Thank you for hosting! Some fun new links for me this week. 🙂

  6. Hi Jenna I own a pfaff QE4 and I have wrtitten two reviews on my blog. On the whole I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve just free motioned a large quilt and am pleased with both the throat space and the FMQ capabilities. I bought my machine in January and this is my first review My 6 monthe review is here

    Any questions just ask

    Dana x

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