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SewHappyQuilt QAL – Join Up! {Fabric Choices}

I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately – I do have good excuses/reasons though! First there was Xmas, then yesterday, this happened:

 Yep. I had to have an ingrown toenail taken care of. So I’m hobbling around the house today, nervously anticipating taking the bandage off later. I’m scared it’ll be really gross and I’ll pass out. I am SUCH a wuss. Anyway, enough of that!

So if you haven’t heard about my upcoming QAL, go check out the info on the Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL page and then hop on over to the Flickr page to join up!

I got asked about fabric choices last week, so I thought I’d share with you my 2 bundles and explain why I chose the fabrics. It’s kind of a process/help your fabric choosing process post. Make sense? No, not for me either.  Well, let me explain:

So first of all, why the heck do I have TWO bundles of fabrics? Here’s the deal: one set is for the tutorials and the other set is for demonstrating to my students in my Cantell College class. So actually I’m gonna end up with two quilts. You’d think I’d have arranged things so that I use all the same fabrics and make one giant quilt, but no: A} I didn’t think that far ahead, and B} I have a tiny sewing machine so till Mama makes the £££ to buy a bigger one, lap quilts are what we’re stuck with.

So first up:

I bought these from Julie at The Intrepid Threadshe’s got a few Rendezvous fabrics left but I’m not sure about the FQ bundles. The reason I chose them is because aqua, red, grey and white is my favourite colour combo. Actually, anything aqua and red will do – remember that huge Quilted Fish HST quilt I made?

But you’ve probably noticed that the mock-up for the QAL is coloured in this colour combo – I knew I had those fabrics on the way, and also, it’s a modern enough combination that I figured it would look appealing to potential QAL-ers. I also wanted to make the mock-up focusing on the blocks themselves, not the fabrics I could plug in, so I used solid colours in the hopes that people could easily imagine their own fabrics in the blocks.

Here are the fabrics for the tutorials. I was really tempted to use some paler, less saturated colours, but in the end I went with bright, saturated colours because I want seams/placement to be really obvious in the tutorial pictures. I figured that if I used paler ones the camera would have a harder time picking up the differences that we see so well with our eyes.

And also, I should mention that I’ll be throwing in about a half metre of Kona white into the mix for both quilts. That’s totally optional, but I think if you have it on hand (or even if you buy some as solids are cheaper than prints) it does open up more possibilities for showing off the beautiful fabrics you worked so hard to put together.

If you’re looking for fabrics to use in the QAL, take a look at the upper right buttons – my sponsors will be happy to help you choose – and so will I! Email me at jenna(at) and I’ll help sort you out. 🙂

The block tutorials start next Tuesday, 3 January with the ‘Woven’ block and the ‘Snowball’ block, which are both very simple to make – honest! In the meantime I’ll be arranging more prizes for the 18 March draw.

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7 thoughts on “SewHappyQuilt QAL – Join Up! {Fabric Choices}

  1. Ok I wouldn’t want to take off the bandage either. Super cool that you teach a class – how old are your students? Going to do the Bloglovin’ thing now.

  2. Oh dear, hope the toe feels better soon (and I’m glad you didn’t share the after pics as I’m having dinner right now 😉 ) Hmm, I’ve already had 2 of your sponsors involved in my fabric purchases today, and 2 others have things on the way. I need heeeeelp! Ironically, I’m still not sure I have what I need for this lol

  3. Stop it. Stop it right now. I posted a very similar photo of my toe on my quilting blog. This is hysterical. My poor big toes turned purple after skiing in some ski boots that turned out to be too small. Lame. Not to worry. You are not alone on the squeamishness when it comes to these toenail situations. I’ve been feeling a lot of it, too. I hope you recover soon. I know I’m tired of hobbling around myself.

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