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And Sometimes You Have To Unpick The Whole Sweater

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It’s Wednesday and my lovely Savi came home today! We had to pick her up at the airport at 6:45am. Yeah. Had to get up at 5am. I got to sleep somewhere around 2am. Lovely. Might need a nap later…

So I know I usually post tutorials, or finishes that look really good or at least adequate, but I’m not anywhere near perfect. When it comes to knitting I’m still learning. Thank goodness my Twitter pal Bonnie is always willing to slooooooowly explain things to me!

So I tried to make this sweater that I found on Ravelry. It was a total waste of time. The instructions weren’t very easy for me to understand – they were a bit too cryptic for my taste. I like patterns that explain things a bit more. But on Xmas day, I got a set of Addi Clicks and 5 skeins of Cascade 220, so I cast on in hopes that I’d learn as I went along. After all, how much harder could it be compared to socks?!

Yesterday I finished everything except the sleeves. It’s WAY, WAY too big. Now, to put in perspective how ridiculously too big it is, here is a picture of me wearing a t-shirt with a thinnish cardi over it:

 Not skinny, but not huge either. My bust measures 42″ with a bra on, so that’s the size I made. Yeah:

 Not exactly flattering, is it? LOL

 Just a bit too big, methinks…

So I’ve Unpicked. The. Whole. Damn. Thing. It took me from Xmas day to yesterday to knit it – I did almost NO sewing during that time as all my time was taken up by knitting. When I put it on and it was very obvious that it wasn’t going to work, my husband was really, really sympathetic. I think he was afraid I’d trash the house or something in anger, but strangely I’m not that bothered. I guess the pattern was so frustrating that unpicking it kind of felt rebellious and cathartic.

So here are the Baby, Mama and Papa balls of yarn I’ve recovered from it, which will go towards this sweet cardigan I cast on yesterday. This time I actually did my research and confirmed it has been many people’s first cardigan projects and they’re delighted with the pattern and results. And then I’ll probably make this other cardi from the same designer, Andi Satterlund, which I bought the other day. Seriously, that girl is TALENTED. She should be writing knitting books.

So I can’t be the only one, right? Have you ever made projects that ended up in such total disaster that you chucked them out?

And if you’re looking for QAL info, here’s the QAL page and the first tutorial. See you tomorrow!

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10 thoughts on “And Sometimes You Have To Unpick The Whole Sweater

  1. I absolutely feel your pain. I started a blanket in the car for my very tall college-aged son on the 12-hour drive home from Christmas. It is worked lengthwise and I was starting from a bably blanket pattern. After a few false starts (too tight starting the foundation, etc…), I really got going on it. After working a little bit on it at home, I began to realize that it took a lloonngg time to finish a single length of the blanket. It was over nine-feet long!!!! Now my son is tall, but not THAT tall. I had just estimated the length while in the car and had totally messed it up!. Needless to say, all that work was pulled out and I couldn’t face that pattern again. However, I am happily going strong on a new version now. Good luck to you on your second start!

  2. I have the same problem with knitting even after doing a test swatch, it always ends up big. I’ve tried a smaller size & still had problems. It’s a shame because knitting is very relaxing & something I can do when to tired after work to hand stitch. I now have lots & lots & lots of scarves! Maybe I should try a wrap this winter, it’s just a big scarf so no fit issues. That cardi pattern is delightful so look forward to seeing how you go. Tracee xx

  3. I threw away the first quilt I made. It was called front porch from an Eleanor Burns book. I didn’t know how to pin seams or ease the fabric and just blindly sewed the rows together. They looked like stairs…each row a little longer than the last and none of the sashing seams in the right places. I thought I had done something horribly wrong and threw the whole thing away. Then I asked a friend for help. I should have saved it because I could have ripped the seams and put it together the right way. I ended up remaking the entire thing, and my friend helped me sew together the rows. I gave that quilt to my sister two years ago and have made at least a dozen quilts since!

  4. I find the art of UNDO very liberating! Last year I made a cowl collar three times before I got it right. It’s one of the things I appreciate so much about knitting: mistakes are no problem because you can take it apart and restart or make something else. Love it!

  5. I have definitely had to unpick sweaters in my knitting days! One was so upsetting that I just threw it entirely away! I was just SO.DONE.WITH.IT!!! Probably should have tried to salvage the yarn but I just couldn’t look at it anymore without thinking of the huge mistake and waste of time that it was. On the upside – I absolutely love the pattern you cast-on this week. It is darling, can’t wait to see you model it!

  6. Next time you could try the sweater on before it is finished…..and/or try to felt it a bit to shrink it. I do admire your tenacity to frog the entire thing…wow!

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