Giveaway Winners!

I’ve closed comments on the Giveaway post, and my And The Winner Is widget threw out 4 names:

The winner of the 9FQ Bundle is: Gidget who said: Like you on Facebook

The winners of the charm packs + bonus fabrics are: My friend Bonnie! who said: I’ve shared your amazing giveaway on Facebook! and Cathy K. who said: I follow (stalk?) you on Facebook! 🙂

The bonus winner of the handmade tote bag is Jennie of Jennie’s Threads who said: Here’s a joke: Person 1: If you could have any animal in your zoo, what would you have? Person 2: I would have a dog. Person 1: That would be a shit-zoo! Apologies for the terrible joke – I hope it made you smile! (It did make me smile! My husband is allergic to everything and calls dogs Shit Machines. Which also makes me smile. So thanks Jennie! I needed that!)

I’ve emailed the winners to get addresses, but if you think you won but haven’t got an email, let me know at

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9 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners!

  1. I’m so excited!
    This just made my day… Thank you so much!
    Now what do I get to make? I’m think ‘On a Whim’ these will be perfect.

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