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Free Pattern: Accelerated Velocity Layer Cake Quilt

When I first started quilting, all I ever made was pre-cut quilts. The idea of picking out 15 fat quarters for a pattern was terrifying for me – I’ve never taken any art classes so I didn’t know the first thing about colour schemes and the colour wheel and split-complimentary palettes. I do know a tiny bit more now, but I must admit I still adore pre-cuts. I love working with a whole line of fabric, knowing that the quilt is going to look fantastic when it’s finished.

So anyway, on to this pattern. Well, I bought myself a Lazy Angle ruler at a show (available at Fat Quarter Shop in the US and Creative Grids in the UK) after seeing Julie Herman’s lovely quilts. Then somehow (by magic, I’m sure) a Ruby layer cake ended up in my studio, and I decided to see if I could design anything using the two. My husband thinks this is the best quilt I’ve ever designed, and it is my current favourite for cuddling up in bed. When I can’t sleep, I rub the quilt between my thumb and fingers as though I were a toddler.

OK, here are the rules: there are 2 pdfs, one for the pattern and one for the template. You are welcome to link to me, but I ask that you link to this page – DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO THE PDF. If I find people are linking directly to the pdf, I will have to take the entire pattern down. *for an explanation of this, see below.

Accelerated_Velocity_Quilt_PDF – This is the template. Print ‘without borders’ and double check the 1″ scale.

Accelerated Velocity Quilt Pattern – This is the pdf pattern/instructions. Enjoy! If you make one, why not pop a pic into my Flickr group?

***The reason I ask you not to link to the pdf, but to link instead to this page is because if you link to the pdf, I am paying the hosting costs to house and distribute the pdf, but I’m not getting the traffic boost that comes from people visiting this page to get the download. Unfortunately a PDF download doesn’t count as a page view. So please, please play by the rules. I have given you a free pattern to use, with my blessing to sell the resulting quilt if you want to; please don’t take advantage of my kindness by linking directly to the download, ok?

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19 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Accelerated Velocity Layer Cake Quilt

  1. I’ve had the Lazy Angle ruler for years and I can’t remember ever using it – now I’m going to have to find it! Love the pattern – thanks for sharing it!

  2. Beautiful quilt Jenna! Thank you for sharing it with us also.

    Geez, between you and Julie (Jaybird Quilt Designs) I am just going to have to break down and buy that ruler much sooner than I had planned.

  3. Jenna thank you so much for the great pattern. I have two layer cakes and didn’t know what to do with them but now you have given me the ideal pattern to use on one of them.
    Thank you

  4. Ooooh! I like! I think I have a layer cake laying around somewhere .

    This lazy ruler is one neat lil gadget. I really may have to invest in one.

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