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PLAY has been extended – come and join us!

PLAY has been extended, so there’s still time for you to enter! We’re giving everyone extra time while I recover from my knee surgery, so if you’ve been tempted to join, now is the time! Instead of ending on the 21st, we’re extending it for a week till the 28th.

Ghastlie Queen of Spades

Wonderful mini quilt by Dorrylu, entry for PLAY, the mini quilt competition

Already we’ve had a few finishes which are absolutely magnificent, like this Queen of Hearts mini by Kristy/Quiet Play:
QoH Mini quilt for the Play competition
And here’s Fiona/Celtic Thistle’s entry. She designed this foundation pattern by hand, and to see it come to fruition has been amazing! I’m so blown away by the talent and creativity.
The Smart Girl's Ace of Diamonds Quilt
So what are you waiting for? Whip up a mini quilt based on a playing card – any card you want to depict! More details here!
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5 thoughts on “PLAY has been extended – come and join us!

  1. Wow! This sounds awesome!!! Do you think I can whip one up in 4 days?? I think I’ll try. Hope you are recovering well from your surgery! 🙂

  2. Bother! I was going to enter this, but I stepped back because I didn’t have the time before the deadline. If I’d known it was going to be extended, I’d have finished my planned quilt!

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